7 Inspiring Travel Instagram Accounts You’re Not Following Yet But Totally Should

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Happy To Wander

Sometimes your infinite Instagram feed filled with people somehow traveling 24/7 can be infuriating. How many photos of #blessed shots of a cityscape in Europe does one person really need to see in a day? We think a carefully chosen selection is the right answer, mixed with pics from travelers with unique perspectives and something interesting to say along with their wanderlust-inducing panoramas.

Since everybody already knows about Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations), Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) and Kiersten Rich (@theblondeabroad), we scrolled through some of our favorite Instagram accounts to find the travel bloggers we think you’ll want to add to your feeds right now. These travel Instagrammers will inspire you, teach you and expand your definition of a travel Instagram account. (It’s not all travel photographers and beautiful blondes in bikinis… Who knew?) These intrepid travelers’ photos will make you want to hit the follow button so fast that you won’t know what gorgeous shot of Spain hit you. Come for the stunning cityscapes and enviable outfits, stay for the useful travel tips, interesting perspectives and constant self-love and encouragement.

1. @happytowander

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Happy to Wander

Every single one of Christina of Happy to Wander‘s photos looks like a gosh darn fairytale. The girl has the aesthetic down. But as many times as she hits up Paris, she also stops in underrated spots like Bulgaria — places that you might not consider your fairytale dream destination on your own. But you will after seeing a couple of her shots.

“I think my favourite travel moments are the ones where I’m delighted by the most absurdly simple things, like the colour of water or the taste of an ice cold beer after a few hours in the sun,” Christina wrote on a recent Instagram post. “It doesn’t always have to be glitz & glam, and it’s those moments I often appreciate most.”

Follow @happytowander for princess-like shots and unexpectedly dreamy destinations.

2. @absolutelylucy

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Absolutely Lucy

Lucy of Absolutely Lucy blogs about being an expat in Germany (she’s originally from the United Kingdom) and gives other solo female travelers raw advice on how to get through some of the rougher aspects of travel. For all her adventurous pics, she knows sometimes the adventures can go a bit too far and leave travelers in need of a fellow wanderer’s tips.

“For me, travel has given me some of best and absolute worst times of my life, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The difference between me and a person who has a horrible time travelling? Our attitudes. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, how much of a struggle, I always give travelling 110%, I always pick myself up, brush myself off and carry on,” Lucy wrote in a recent Instagram post. “And because of that, I have had the most amazing experiences travelling, because I haven’t let the bad times take over. Because bad things can happen to you anywhere, but the way you deal with them – that defines you.”

Follow @absolutelylucy for reassurance that sometimes chaos happens but you’ll always make it through.

3. @twodustytravelers

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Two Dusty Travelers

Travel couple Emily and Aaron of Two Dusty Travelers are all about sustainable travel and demystifying what it takes to live the travel lifestyle. They both have jobs besides travel blogging (she’s a nurse and he’s a teacher), but when they are out on the road, they’re sharing how to travel in a way that’s good for the planet and the people around them.

“I feel like lots of people are promoting the “quit your job and travel forever!” lifestyle (which is great if that’s what you’re into!) but we love having a home base to return to. We get to snuggle our puppy, hang out with friends and family, recharge our batteries (and of course WORK to refill that bank account) before we hit the road again,” they wrote on a recent Instagram post. “Having lived abroad for several months, we found that we actually prefer traveling a few weeks at a time and keeping our “regular” life at home in between.”

Follow @twodustytravelers for real talk about how to prioritize travel in your life and do it in an ethical way.

4. @hijabiglobetrotter

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Hijabi Globetrotter

Kareemah of Hijabi Globetrotter (hijabi means, of course, a person who chooses to wear a hijab head covering) aims to highlight what it’s like to be a modern Muslim traveler. She goes far outside her comfort zone in her travels, wanting to document people, places and things that don’t get enough attention. P.S. All her captions are bilingual, written in English and Spanish (her travel story began learning Spanish in Spain).

“Why can’t we just accept that a person’s success is a combination of ALL their backgrounds, experiences, priveledges and opportunities in life? Success isn’t destined for one country, region, or group of people,” Kareemah wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Going back to the question of identity, I identify myself based on the scenario, person, country, and situation I am in. That’s the beauty and complexity of having multiple identities. It allows you to connect with as many people as possible and share something in common.”

Follow @hijabiglobetrotter for super joyful photos with interesting, introspective captions ranging from topics of identity to poverty.

5. @pinsilei

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy Pinsi Lei

We’d be incredibly jealous of Pinsi of Pinsi Lei Creative‘s life if we weren’t so honest-to-goodness inspired by her accomplishments. She runs her own creative agency in New York, works with crazy cool clients (Sheryl Sandberg, Google and Cosmopolitan magazine, to name a few) and mentors aspiring female entrepreneurs. Travel goals, meet life goals.

“Yes, I am eating cotton candy. Yes, I am wearing a scrunchy around my wrist. Yes, I love posting fun photos. I also CHAMPION female entrepreneurs, MENTOR underprivileged youth, and CELEBRATE causes that promote human rights,” Pinsi wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Remember to embrace ALL of the dimensions of your personality and not to be afraid to share them with the world. This is what allows us to make a unique contribution to our society.”

Follow @pinsilei for the aesthetic, but also for the reminders to constantly strive for your goals.

6. @travelingfro

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy The Traveling Fro

If you want an influx of photos of Africa in your feed, Jakiya of The Traveling Fro is based in Dakar, Senegal and will open your eyes to a side of the continent not much boasted about in mainstream Instagram (which, honestly, is a shame). Whether she’s posting about drought in South Africa or boosting African representation in travel magazine spreads, we’re loving the window into her life and her constant reminder that travel takes work to make the glamour happen.

“Being a traveler is unique in the sense that you see so much, you process so many things, you experience life different than others. You live and don’t vacation. You learn languages and get used to local dishes. When visitors come, it can be hit or miss. Not everyone can see the same magic and beauty you see in a place,” Jakiya wrote in a recent Instagram post. “But then there are select few, who remind you, why you do what you do and why it’s so special and unique. Why you need to keep fighting to stay out of the corporate rat race and continue to do what you love. Continue loving, seeing, learning, discovering, being humbled and moved by each and every encounter you have, good or bad.”

Follow @travelingfro for that extra push to live your travel dreams and constant outfit inspiration. 

7. @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch

best travel instagrammers

Courtesy How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch

Focusing on local stories and giving voices to people who often get overlooked in the travel space, How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch is one of the best travel Instagram accounts around (with one of the best names to boot). You’ll hear from people who actually live in the places you want to visit — not just expats or visitors — from Bosnians who lived through the Balkan wars to Native Americans who grew up near popular national parks that are former native lands. Curated by self-proclaimed basic bitch Kiona, this account will open your eyes to a different side of travel and teach you not to be basic even if you still want to take the adorable basic travel pics.

“Countries can’t be conquered or checked off or “counted,” Kiona wrote on a recent Instagram post. “There’s so many nuances to the people who actually live there that just counting it as a place you’ve visited for a few days doesn’t suffice for knowing or understanding a place, a culture, and its forever-changing dynamic.”

Follow @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch for more stories you didn’t even know you weren’t hearing.


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