Here Are The Best Spots For Stargazing In The U.S.


If you were one of those kids who begged your parents for a telescope and you’ve always been dying to see the northern lights, you’re a true stargazer. Not everyone lives in an area where the stars light up the night, so if you need a good spot to embrace the universe in all its glory, we got you. Here are nine of the best stargazing spots in the U.S. Leave your binoculars at home — you won’t need them.

1. Cherry Springs State Park — Pennsylvania

2. Mount Rainier National Park — Washington

3. Death Valley National Park — California and Nevada

4. Kitt Peak National Observatory — Arizona

5. Glacier National Park — Montana

6. Chaco Culture National Historical Park — New Mexico

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7. Big Bend National Park — Texas

8. Mauna Kea — Hawaii

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