These Are The Best Herbs And Spices For Your Personality

best spices to use


It doesn’t matter what kind of cooking you tend to do in your kitchen — it’s always good to have herbs and spices on hand. Some people benefit from a full spice rack while others are set with just a few staples. But generally speaking, your preferred spice could have a lot more to do with your personality than you might think. So favorite dishes aside, here are the best spices for each personality.


If you’re someone who always keeps a container of cinnamon near you, you’re probably the romantic one, always looking for a way to make things a little bit sweeter. Cinnamon has a way of making your food take on a homey feeling. It’s pretty much the hopeless romantic of spices.

Fresh Ginger

Fans of this pungent, fresh spice are usually the spunky ones. You like to shake things up with a burst of something bold. A little fresh ginger goes a long way in all kinds of recipes, whether it’s a stir-fry, a dressing, a tea or a soup.

Smoked Paprika

best spices to use


For those of you who stick with the smoked paprika, you’re probably the chill one. You’re happy if all of your food takes on that smokey vibe. Mac ‘n’ cheese? Smoked paprika. Popcorn? Smoked paprika. Roasted potatoes? Smoked paprika. You don’t have to go crazy with seasoning when you can be low-key and sprinkle on a quick burst of smokiness to pretty much anything.


Fresh thyme is for the reliable ones. It’ll never disappoint. You can usually count on a few sprigs of thyme to give your store-bought food a homemade feel or add an extra layer of herby flavor to your protein or vegetables.


The traditionalists usually stick with oregano. It’s a tried-and-true Italian favorite that’ll always remind you of pizza. If you consider yourself to be more traditional when it comes to cooking — or life in general — oregano usually will do it for you in terms of a mild yet aromatic addition to your meal.


best spices to use


The mysterious ones always love nutmeg. The sweet and nutty spice is crazy versatile and usually works in just about any recipe. Sprinkle a little nutmeg into your food when you’re having people over and watch everyone try and guess the spice. Chances are they won’t get it and you’ll get to feel all smug with your mysterious self.

Cayenne Pepper

The bold ones usually go for that sprinkle of cayenne in their food. When something is tasting a little too bland, cayenne fans can’t help themselves. Sometimes you just need that extra fiery boost. You can always count on cayenne to kick things up a few notches.

Garlic Powder

When you’re someone who usually plays it safe, chances are the garlic or onion powder is front and center in your cabinet. You know garlic powder can’t necessarily ruin anything (unless you go really wild). If you’re afraid of screwing things up, garlic powder is usually for you.


And the restless ones love Adobo. If you don’t have time to mess around with different spice combinations, Adobo is basically an all-in-one spice. It’s usually a combination of salt, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, oregano, cumin, garlic powder and chili powder. It’ll give your food a little bit of everything with just a few sprinkles.