5 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Scrambled Egg Game

best scrambled egg ideas

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Scrambled eggs are so simple, yet so easy to mess up. Look away for two seconds and you ruin your chance at fluffy eggs. The trick to making successful scrambled eggs is having both time and patience. You have to work for that fluffiness. Add a little milk or cream to the eggs, season them, heavily whip them and cook them low and slow. Once you master perfect scrambled eggs, here are five ways to give your them a serious flavor upgrade.

1. Make pizza eggs.

Give your scrambled eggs an Italian upgrade and make some pizza eggs. As long as you have fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese lying around, you’re good to go. Cherry tomatoes are the best for scrambled eggs. Get those cherry tomatoes blistered before you add them to the scrambled eggs, which means you want to get them nice and caramelized. Mix in your cooked tomatoes, basil and cheese while the eggs are still hot.

2. Turn your eggs into breakfast bruschetta.

If you have a baguette lying around, you can turn your scrambled eggs into breakfast bruschetta. Spread a ripe avocado or some fresh pesto on each slice of baguette and then top them with eggs, sliced cherry tomatoes, chives, paprika and a little salt and pepper. If your idea of breakfast involves bacon or pancetta, dice some up and sprinkle that on top, too.

This is a perfect brunch snack to whip up if you have friends over. Here’s a breakfast bruschetta recipe that’ll only take you 10 minutes to make.

3. Stir in some pesto.

best scrambled egg ideas


For an easy upgrade, stir a little pesto into your scrambled eggs. You could add the pesto in the beginning or towards the end of cooking your eggs. You don’t have to stick to basil pesto, eithr. You could also go with spinach pesto or sun-dried tomato pesto. Either way, a spoonful is just the right amount.

4. Wrap your eggs in a breakfast taco.

Tacos are the most convenient form of breakfast. Wrap everything in your tortilla and you’re ready to hit the road. You can turn any kind of taco into a breakfast taco with some scrambled eggs. Roast some potatoes, chop up some fresh parsley or cilantro, grab some cheese, cook some bacon or tofu, and shove it all in that tortilla.

But don’t forget — your breakfast taco needs some kind of sauce. Salsa or hot sauce are both easy options. Hollandaise sauce could also be a fun addition if you’re feeling ambitious.

5. Spike your eggs with soy sauce and scallion.

Try these Asian-inspired eggs for something a little more on the umami side. Here’s a five-ingredient recipe for soy sauce and green onion scrambled eggs that’ll take you five minutes to make. You can always add some red pepper flakes if you like your eggs on the spicy side.

For another texture element, you could sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. Pickled ginger, as a garnish, could also be a tangy flavor contrast that’ll work with all of the other flavors in the dish.


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