Here Are The Best Easy Recipe Apps


If you’re in the market for some new dinner ideas, listen up. It shouldn’t surprise you that there are a million apps out there specifically for recipes, but these five apps outshine the rest. They’re easy to use and include tons of simple recipes — just what you need on a Wednesday evening when you only have 30 minutes to get a meal together.

1. Tasty

Tasty, a phenomenon started on social by Buzzfeed, has become so popular that it has its own app. With over 1,700 step-by-step recipe videos, you won’t run out of new ideas anytime soon. You can even filter by ingredient, cuisine or dietary restriction.

2. Sidechef

If you’re looking for a recipe app that bulks up on meal options, Sidechef is for you. Packing in over 2,500 chef-curated recipes, you can choose your difficulty level, as well as specific ingredients you’d like to include in your cooking. You can even access voice instructions so you can cook seamlessly without having to check your phone after each step.

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3. Tastemade

The app launched by digital video network Tastemade features young gourmet chefs with easy step-by-step recipe tutorials. It has a series of cooking shows you can stream for fun, and you can bookmark your favorite recipes. Sort through over 2,000 recipes based on cuisine, season or ingredient.

4. Tender

It’s like the Tinder of food. This app allows you to rate food photos sourced from different sites and then get the opportunity to learn how to make the dishes. That means the juicy AF burger you see online could actually be in the works in your kitchen just after a few swipes.

5. BigOven

With over 250,000 recipes available, BigOven might be the biggest aggregating recipe app out there. Its “leftover feature” allows you to add up to 10 random ingredients you have in your pantry to inform a recipe you should make. You can also take photos of handwritten recipes or screenshot a recipe you really like, and BigOven will transcribe the instructions for you. Pretty damn cool.