7 Affordable Gifts For The ‘Type A’ Friends In Your Life

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Although many of us have personality traits that could be classified as both ‘type A’ and ‘type B,’ we all have that one friend who clearly falls into the ‘type A’ category. They’re highly ambitious, goal-focused, organized and a little (too) obsessed with work. These people could benefit more than most from practical gifts that’ll make their lives easier. Rather than a simple bracelet or clothing item, your ‘type A’ friends will appreciate any gift that can save them time and make them more productive. Here are seven holiday gift ideas that any busy ‘type A’ person will appreciate.

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1. For the one who likes her coffee hot — Thermos Insulated Beverage Bottle


Most of us prefer hot coffee, but we all have that friend who won’t drink her coffee unless it’s steaming. This stainless steel 40-ounce bottle is designed to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Your coffee-loving friend can make her morning brew at home and not risk having it get cold during her office commute.

2. For the foodie who packs her lunch — BALORAY Insulated Lunch Bag


Lunch bags aren’t just for kids, this one is stylish yet practical and will keep food warm or cold for up to six hours. If you’ve got a friend who’s really obsessed with cooking and packs a lunch on the daily, this gift will prove very practical. What’s more, it’ll save your friend money since they can easily bring food to work and won’t be tempted to buy that expensive salad from across the street. It comes in blue, grey and black and white stripes.

3. For the one who loses his keys — Tile Pro Key Finder


Even the most organized of humans tend to lose their keys once in a while, especially when they’re constantly busy and moving. That’s where this key finder comes in. Attach it to a set of keys, sync the device to an app on your phone and it’ll help you find your keys by ringing when they’re close but out of sight. If your friend loses his phone, he can simply double press the Tile button on the Tile Pro to make his phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

4. For the one who’s constantly checking emails — North Face Etip Gloves


These are for your friend who’s obsessed with keeping her inbox at zero and uses any chance she can get to manage her emails. Although most gloves make it almost impossible to use a smartphone, these ones are touch-screen compatible. The silicone gripper palm pattern on the gloves makes it easier to hold a smartphone and will keep your friend from dropping hers on the sidewalk. In addition to being practical, these gloves are made from fleece so they’re also super warm (not to mention, they’re machine-washable).

5. For the one with the long commute — Oisle Portable Charger Mini


Consider this nightmare scenario that will resonate with any public transit commuter: Your train is delayed and when you realize that you’re going to be late, you reach for your phone to alert your boss only to find that it’s out of battery. Panic ensues. This scenario can be even more hellish for a ‘type A’ person who hates being late above all else. Help your friends avoid this unnecessary stress by gifting them this light-weight portable charger for iPhones. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and can easily charge a smartphone from zero to 100.

6. For the neat freak — Mokani Desk Supplies Organizer 


Help your ‘type A’ friend keep her desk neat by gifting her this practical yet pretty desk supplies organizer. The elephant-shaped pen and smartphone holder fits perfectly on even the smallest of desks without taking up unnecessary space. It’ll allow your friend to keep all of her most-used items in one place so that she can quickly find them without having to rummage through a drawer. The multi-functional holder comes in four different patterns.

7. For that friend who eats at her desk — MECO Dust Cleaning Gel Set


Your friend’s well aware of the health benefits that come with taking a lunch break, but, being the productivity queen that she is, most days she still eats lunch at her desk. This often results in crumbs on her keyboard that are hella annoying to clean. Although this keyboard cleaner gel might not be the most glamorous of gifts, it’ll save your friend a ton of time. It easily cleans dust out of even the smallest of crevices when you peel it off of your keyboard.


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