7 Polish Dishes You Need In Your Life


What do you really know about Polish food? If the answer is not very much, we’re about to enlighten you with some serious deliciousness. These Polish foods are totally underrated, but will blow you away if you’re ever lucky enough to taste them. You may find a new favorite dish on this very list.

1. Pierogis

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You may have heard of, or eaten a pierogi, and if so, you can attest that these babies are addicting. Often filled with potatoes and cheese (and sometimes meat), pierogis are the dumpling of Europe.

2. Borscht

Borscht is a Polish soup made from beets (which is how it gets its vivid color). It’s perfect for a cold winter day.

3. Nalesniki

A nalesniki is the Polish alternative to a crepe, so it’s a sweet treat that you can fill and top with nearly anything. There is a slight sweetness to the pancake, which makes it all the more indulgent.

4. Golabki

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We know what you’re thinking — What the hell am I looking at right now? Despite its typically unconventional appearance, golabki (or informally “pigs in a blanket”) is a traditional Polish comfort food that is guaranteed to satisfy. Cabbage leaves are stuffed with seasoned hamburger and rice, and are sometimes topped with tomato sauce. Don’t knock it till you try it — you’ll actually love it.

5. Zapiekanka

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If you’ve ever been to Poland, you’ve probably spotted one of these late at night. An incredible Polish street food, a zapiekanka is essentially an open-faced sandwich. It’s made with a halved baguette and filled with mushrooms and melty cheese. Toppings vary, but you can safely assume that whatever you get is going to be delicious.

6. Kiełbasa

Kiełbasa is fairly well known in the United States, but in Polish, Kiełbasa just means “sausage,” and Poland makes a bunch of varieties of sausage. If you’re ever in a Polish butcher shop, make sure to specify exactly what kind you’re looking for. Otherwise, any Kiełbasa works for us. Yum!

7. Pączki

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Yep, these beauties are Polish donuts. You won’t be able to eat Dunkin’ Donuts again after trying an authentic pączki, mostly because they resemble beignets in freshness and are filled with whatever your heart desires. Jam? Custard? Chocolate ganache? Pączkis come in all the flavors.