This Pie Artist Makes The Most Mesmerizing Edible Portraits We’ve Ever Seen


You’ve probably seen some pretty pies with all kinds of elaborate lattice trends, but the work of pie artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is some of the most incredible pastry work we’ve ever come across. Clark-Bojin takes pop culture influences and makes “pietraits,” turning iconic celebrities into pie designs. Her attention to detail is ridiculous. From Wonder Woman to Oprah to Princess Leia to Notorious B.I.G., this pie artist crushes it.

Clark-Bojin’s work is inspired by requests from her Instagram followers. Each pietrait can take between four to six hours to create. If you want your own work of art, just place an order on Clark-Bojin’s website. And trust us — you’ll want to stare at it for a while before cutting yourself a slice.

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