Here Are The Best Non-Salary Benefits That You Should Negotiate


If you just got a job offer, but the company is unwilling to budge on a higher salary, you’re not completely out of luck. Though upping your pay is certainly ideal, you won’t always be able to get it. But don’t overlook the *other* benefits you may be able to negotiate. Here are some incredible non-salary benefits you should go for:

1. A Better Title

Depending on the size, scope and flexibility of the company, you may be able to negotiate your title. For example, changing the “secretary” title to “executive assistant” may sound more appealing to you. Not could a better title make you look better to future employers, you want a title you can feel proud of, and a title that accurately reflects your responsibilities in the best possible manner.

2. Transportation Costs

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If you’re lucky enough that you can walk to work, skip this point and be on your merry way. But if you’re like the rest of us, then commuting costs you a chunk of change. Negotiating transportation benefits, like the company paying for your monthly train pass, could be a huge perk that could potentially outweigh a small raise. If your monthly train pass costs $200 a month and your company is willing to cover it, you could save $2,400 a year.

3. Gym Stipend

Don’t discount negotiating for health-centered benefits like a gym stipend. Some companies even offer in-house gyms for its full-time staff to use. Gym memberships sometimes aren’t cheap, either, so ask your potential employer if a gym stipend is an option.

4. Guaranteed Severance Package

The last thing you likely want to do during the negotiation process is to talk about what happens after you leave the company. Trust us on this — you’ll want to negotiate a guaranteed severance package in case anything happens, like if your company goes under or you’re a part of a big layoff. You never want to put yourself in the position where you’re suddenly jobless and without enough money to help you survive until you find something else.

5. Tuition Or Professional Development Reimbursement

Though you may think tuition reimbursement is impossible, there are a handful of national companies that offer to pay a portion or all of tuition for college classes. Beyond tuition, you may be able to negotiate for your company to pay for that 10-week coding class that you’ve been dying to take (and that can will you be better at the job you’re about to do).

6. More PTO


Of course, you should always negotiate for more paid time off if you can’t get a bumped-up salary. There’s nothing to lose. The difference between two weeks PTO and four weeks PTO is unbelievable, and your mental health will thank you. Whether you choose to spend your PTO in Aruba or on the ultimate staycation, negotiating more time will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and give you a chance to take a break more than once a year.