Here Are The Best Munchies After A Night Of Drinking, According To Chefs And Bartenders

Nick Vorderman / Slowly Shirley

After a long night of drinking at your favorite speakeasy or dive bar, there’s nothing more beautiful in this world than some late night munchies. Maybe it’s that slice of leftover pizza in your fridge, a giant order of tacos from the truck that’s always outside the subway, or something deliciously greasy from the only restaurant that’s open after last call — whatever it is, it’s saved your life and staved off a hangover more times than you can count. Sound familiar? We’re here to help.

No one knows how to combine food and alcohol better than chefs and bartenders, so we asked a few of them to share their own go-to drunk munchies.

Jordan Andino, chef/owner of 2nd City in the West Village


2nd City

Halal Guys: Halal Guys is the best late-night snack. Mixed meat over rice with a lot of white sauce and a few drops of hot sauce. I make sure to get it if I’m crossing town or anywhere near their original spot at 53rd and 6th Ave. I’ve been going there for 10 years now… and still going strong!

Great NY NoodletownYou have to go there after 1am where they have the most “original” crew cooking the most authentic Chinese food one can find. The caveat is, you must order what I tell you to get the best experience!

James Horn, director of operations at Añejo Restaurant Group in Tribeca and Hell’s Kitchen

Shoyu Ramen with extra menma and corn from Rai Rai Ken in the East Village. The amino acids and salt in the broth help rejuvenate the body after a long night, and help set you up for an easier morning the next day.

Daniel Holzman, chef/owner of The Meatball Shop (multiple locations throughout NYC)


The Meatball Shop

Popcorn: One of my favorite late-night snacks is popcorn! I like classic popcorn but also like to whip up my own versions using different spices, like popcorn with olive oil, sumac, and Aleppo pepper. It’s the perfect snack to soak up the suds.

Street Meat: If I’m out, I like to get street meat from one of the amazing halal trucks in NYC. They serve up super flavorful meats with rice, and my favorite is on the corner of 9th and Bowery.

Korean BBQ: So many places in K-Town are open late. One of my favorites is Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

The Meatball Shop: One of the reasons we opened The Meatball Shop was to feed New Yorkers amazing quality food late at night, when it can be so hard to find a quality meal. I always stop by one of the restaurants on my way home and grab a bite to eat.

Ryan Te, beverage director at Oiji in the East Village

I head straight to Koreatown to get some sort of soybean stew and a meat and rice dish. Or I’ll go to Donburiya in Midtown where I’ll get some sort of rice bowl, like a chirashi, and always the mentaiko spaghetti if they have it. Either way, there’s lots of beer involved.

Jimmy Bradley, chef/owner oThe Red Cat in Chelsea

The Red Cat

The Red Cat

For late-night eats after a long night on the town, I love to invite everyone I’m with back to The Red Cat to raid the refrigerator. I’ll cook up whatever we may have on hand or whatever sounds good and quick, from grilled cheese sandwiches with fontina and herbs, and maybe a fried runny egg, to carbonara or cacio e pepe with lots of cheese.

As a spot to visit, I like Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken for late night. They serve the full menu until 2am, and it’s classic NYC — has always been a trusted spot for me. I love all their fried chicken sandwiches and the “Beak to Butt” special with crispy necks, hearts and gizzards with hot sauce and pickled peppers.

Jim Kearn, head bartender at Slowly Shirley in the West Village

Employees Only is the best option for late-night grub. Best tartare in the city and you can always get a table. And Great NY Noodletown is just amazing Hong Kong [cooking]. And Waverly Restaurant just has the best eggs and bacon. It’s solid 24/7.