6 TED Talks That Will Help You Visualize Your Money Goals


When it comes to money stuff, we think it’s fair to say that most of us tune out ASAP. But it’s a part of life, right? We have to spend, save and even potentially invest to make sure our future is safe. However, our young selves may not fully realize that we should be visualizing our long-term goals now, like, while we’ve got time left.

If anything is going to inspire us to think about money, it’s a TED Talk. Here are six of the most incredible TED Talks that will help you figure out what it is that you want to do with your money.

1. “Why 2.5 Billion Heartbeats Might Change The Way You Think About Money” — Preet Banerjee

What it will teach you: Why you should not only fight off your debt with as much gusto as possible, but also rewire your brain to believe that debt is unacceptable. No one can avoid their already-existing debt, but they can change their mindset to prioritize it.

2. “The Future Of Money” — Neha Narula

What it will teach you: The insanity that is cryptocurrency could very well usher in a new era of how we spend money. Narula explains why you should not think of money as an objective form of currency but rather a form of currency that we, as citizens, have agreed upon using. The key? Be ready for anything.

3. “A Smart New Business Loan For People With No Credit” — Shivani Siroya

What it will teach you: If you’re one of those people who have never taken out a loan or even applied for a credit card, there’s still hope for you. Siroya talks about certain tools and specific apps you can use to boost your capital when you’re not ready to take a credit leap.

4. “Why You Should Know How Much Your Coworkers Get Paid” — David Burkus

What it will teach you: Though sharing salary information with peers is often seen as taboo, Berkus explains why it would benefit you to have the conversation. The management researcher provides you with his findings on salary transparency among team members and how it could help you work harder, be less likely to quit and feel even be happier in the long run.

5. “One Life-Changing Class You Never Took” — Alexa von Tobel

What it will teach you: You may think that personal finance classes were only for those who were studying personal finance, but von Tobel explains why this thought process is wrong. You’ll learn why you should take a personal finance class at least once in your life to get acquainted with the basic jargon and concepts to make any smart money decision.

6. “The New American Dream” — Courtney Martin

What it will teach you: We live in a world where mortgages don’t necessarily come easy and pensions are basically extinct. Courtney Martin discusses how the “American Dream” is changing and how we need to look at our lives moving forward to create our own American dream.