15 Real AF Mantras To Try When You’re Feeling Stuck

Unsplash/Nilton Oliveira

Some days, life just feels entirely stagnant. Your current situation isn’t at all what you hoped for, and you can’t seem to muster up the motivation to change it. What you really need is a few real words of encouragement to help you reframe your mindset and regain that momentum. So here are 15 no-frills, no-BS mantras worth trying today to turn things around.

1. “Exist on your own terms. That is all.”

Unsplash/Yaoqi LAI

2. “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.”

Unsplash/Julian Santa Ana

3. “Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.”

Unsplash/Allef Vinicius

4. “Disappointment is difficult, but you are resilient.”

Unsplash/Norman Toth

5. “I have managed this before. I can manage it again.”

Unsplash/Jimmy Bay

6. “Make shift happen.”

Unsplash/Camila Cordeiro

7. “Keep going.”

Unsplash/AJ Yorio

8. “My energy creates my reality.”

Unsplash/Christopher Sardegna

9. “The day is ready for you.”

Unsplash/Anna Demianenko

10. “I feel radiant and full of abundant energy.”

Unsplash/Ilya Yakover

11. “What I focus on is what I will manifest.”

Unsplash/Martin Kníže

12. “Action conquers fear.”

Unsplash/Jason Blackeye

13. “Trust in the process.”

Unsplash/Chad Madden

14. “Exhale the bullshit.”

Unsplash/Sergey Fediv

15. “I am a combination of sensitive and savage.”

Unsplash/Ariel Lustre