9 Mantras For When You Feel Beyond Ready To Ditch Your Healthy Habits

Unsplash/Charles Etoroma

Everyone has those days when they want to throw all of their healthy habits in the garbage and succumb to any and all cravings they know won’t serve them beyond the present moment. And that’s okay. Life isn’t about avoiding these situations — it’s about learning how to coach yourself through them in a way that truly leads to what you want. So the next time you’re really struggling to find your motivation to continue along the wonderful path you’ve created for yourself, consider the following nine mantras. They just might help you press reset in the way you need most.

1. “But first, water.”

2. “Focus on progress — forget perfection.”

3. “Good for me can also taste good.”

4. “The future me will thank me.”

5. “Remember my why.”

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6. “Honor the 80/20 rule.”

7. “I feel healthy and strong.”

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8. “Take only what serves me.”

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9. “I will never give up on myself.”