Here Are The Most Indulgent Mac And Cheese Dishes Around The Country


We all have that go-to comfort food when we’re sick or looking to break out of a funk. It’s hard to name a dish that’s more indulgent than mac and cheese. Restaurants around the country are always getting creative with mac and cheese dishes in all sorts of ways, and it’s only right that you know where to find them. Here are the most indulgent mac and cheese creations around the country.

Mac And Cheese Burger

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This mountain of a burger from The Ainsworth in Manhattan is overflowing with panko-crusted fried mac and cheese, creamy mac and cheese and a sesame seed bun.

Mac And Cheese Pizza

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The Wisconsin-born pizza chain Ian’s Pizza by the Slice is known for its signature mac ‘n’ cheese pie with cream, mozzarella, mac noodles and cheddar.

Mac And Cheese Pot Pie

At The Pie Hole in Los Angeles, they bake all of the pies by hand and serve them by the slice, and as individual-sized savory pies. The mac ‘n cheese pot pie is one of the best.

Mac And Cheese Grilled Cheese

The Mac Truck is stationed in New York and serves up all things mac and cheese. The mac and cheese grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food indulgence.

Mac and Cheese Waffles

At Arrogant Swine, you’ll find North Carolina-style BBQ, craft beer and these golden mac and cheese waffles.

Mac And Cheese Burger Bun

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At the industrial chic Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago, they serve up a bunch of Angus, turkey and bean burgers. The Mac and Cheese Attack Burger uses a bun that’s made with deep-fried mac and cheese instead of bread. You might need a knife and fork for this one.

Mac And Cheese Egg Roll

At StuffedBurger in New Jersey, you’ll want to try this creamy and crunchy mac and cheese egg roll.

Mac And Cheese Donut

At New York City’s Smorgasburg you’ll find some pretty bizarre snacks, including things like a mac and cheese donut.

Mac and Cheese Bites

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At Cheese Grille In New York City, a colorful cafe with gourmet sweet and savory grilled cheese sandwiches and craft beers, you can order these fried mac and cheese bites. Elbow macaroni gets mixed in with asiago, cheddar and goat cheese. The cheesy mac gets breaded and fried and it’s served with a side of spicy tomato soup for dipping.

Mac And Cheese Pierogies

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Pierogies are one of the most comforting foods out there and Baba’s Pierogies — a cool, family-run modern pierogi spot in Brooklyn, New York — makes mac and cheese-stuffed pierogies. When you need to stock up for winter, go get an order of these.