Here’s The Best Luggage For Every Travel Style


Browsing the luggage section on Amazon (or in your local department store, if you’re more into the brick and mortar setup), is entirely overwhelming. There are suitcases with every feature imaginable: phone chargers, collapsible bags, pop-up closets and more. So how do you find the right style for you?

Well, that depends on the way you travel. If you pack light for a month out and about, you have different needs than the lady boss who requires three suits for a weekend away. Here’s what type of bag each type of traveler needs (and an idea to kick off your search).

It’s time to retire that Vera Bradley duffel and upgrade to a bag that better suits your grown-up travel style.

The Chic Budgeter

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If you want a bag that looks sharp, gets the job done and won’t cost the equivalent of your entire travel budget, Away does the trick. You get to choose your color, it can charge your phone and it’s just $225 – a solid investment in your further travels.

The Overpacker

If you need tons of room to pack all of your outfit options, this is the bag for you. The Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On has compression tech to make sure you can squeeze in every last extra pair of shoes without going over the space limits in a carry-on. The price of bringing your entire closet doesn’t come cheap, though. It’s $499.

The Fashion-Forward

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Delsey’s Chatelet Hard suitcase is super chic. And if you’re the kind of flyer who wears heels on the plane, you’ll love knowing your suitcase has a built-in braking system that won’t throw off your balance. (If you’re lucky, you can catch it at its sale price of $299.)

The Outdoor Explorer

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If you’re backpacking (on trail or train), you’ll need to carry your life on your shoulders. Depending on your size and the length of your trip, Osprey has a great pack for you. The bags are sized by the liter, meaning a short trip might be suited to an Eja 38 ($180), while a longer would need an Atmos AG™ 65 ($270).

The Business Tripper

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You want something basic and reliable because you on are the road all the time. The tried-and-true Tumi Sam International ($695) is a business class fave with its easy-rolling wheels, sturdy frame and simple aesthetic.

UPDATE: This post was updated to remove the Raden A22 bag from the list because the company no longer exists.