7 Of The Best Israeli Snacks You Need To Try At Least Once

best Israeli snacks

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Israeli cuisine is a melting pot that’s heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. You have all of the falafel, hummus, shakshouka, couscous, tahini, shawarma and kanafeh, but the quirky snacks are one of the best parts of traveling around the country. You can usually find Israeli snacks at grocery stores with an international section or at Middle Eastern markets. Here are seven of the best Israeli snacks you need to try at least once.

1. Krembo

This chocolate-covered, marshmallow-cream-topped cookie snack is called Krembo. In Israel, you’ll usually find this sugary treat during the winter months.

2. Bissli

One of the biggest differences between Israeli snacks and Americans snacks is that Israeli snacks can fall more on the savory side. Bissli is a crunchy snack that comes in various shapes and flavors like Falafel, Barbecue, Onion, Extreme Grill, Extreme Barbecue and Pizza.

3. Milk Chocolate With Pop Rocks

One of Israel’s top-selling candy brands, Elite, makes a milk chocolate candy bar that’s mixed with popping candy. Each bite is like a creamy, chocolatey explosion.

4. Pesek Zman Spread

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Pesek Zman spread is made from the popular hazelnut cream chocolate bar Pesek Zman. The rich spread is basically the Israeli version of Nutella. It’ll be like spreading a melted candy bar on your toast.

5. Mekupelet

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If you like your candy bars on the lighter side, Mekupelet is made of thinly folded layers of milk chocolate and has a soft and a slightly crumbly texture.

6. Bamba

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Imagine a snack that’s the shape and texture of a cheese doodle, but instead of a cheesy coating, it’s a peanut butter coating. Bamba is one of the most popular Israeli snacks out there, and it’s all kinds of addicting.

7. Pesek Zman Candy Bar

The original Pesek Zman candy bar is made of waffle and a chocolate coating. The waffle part of the candy bar contains hazelnut cream. Pesek Zman is basically royalty in the world of Israeli candy.


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