Here Are The 7 Coolest International Food Subscription Boxes


Thinking of getting a monthly food subscription box, but want something that goes beyond ordinary? We feel you on that. Here are some incredible international subscription boxes that will allow you to experience the flavor of different countries each month without actually traveling. No passport required!

1. Try The World — $39 per month

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If you’re looking for international snacks, as well as ingredients to spice up your weekly meals, go with Try The World. For just under $40 a month, you receive 7 to 8 items from a designated country, like China. Your box can contain anything from popular snacks to a spices you’d never find in your local grocery store to beverages — or all three.

2. Universal Yums — $14 per month

Consider this box a smaller and cheaper version of Try The World. Universal Yums offers monthly subscription boxes of 6 items from a specific country. The boxes comprise of mostly snacks, like chips and candies. If you like to munch throughout the day, this box might be the one for you.

3. Spice Madam — $20 per month

Want to bring some new flavors to your cooking? Spice Madam is a subscription box that provides a curated selection of spices, recipes and travel inspiration related to a specific country each month. You learn how to cook with the spices you receive and learn even more about the country’s cuisine.

4. SnackCrate — $20 per month

SnackCrate is like Universal Yums in the sense that it’s snack-oriented. The subscription box offers 10 to 12 full-sized sweet and savory snacks from the month’s chosen region. What sets SnackCrate apart is that you can choose which country you’d like to receive snacks from each month.

5. MunchPak — $22.95 per month

This subscription box is all about customization. You can choose the size of your box; the original includes at least 10 full-sized snacks from a number of different regions each month. The service gives you the option to personalize your pack and even add beverages for a small fee. The best part: if you like anything in specific, you can buy more of it at MunchPak’s online shop.