11 International Chocolate Bars That Need To Come To The United States


There’s no shortage of candy and chocolate in America, but sometimes it feels like we’re set in our ways when it comes to chocolate bars. Anyone who has traveled abroad knows that there’s a moment when you stumble upon some kind of genius chocolate bar in your foreign destination and wonder why it’s not commonly available in the United States if it’s such a raging success in another country. Well, here are 11 of those international chocolate bars that should definitely become mainstream in America.

1. Daim Bar — Sweden

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This Swedish candy bar is made of crunchy almond caramel that’s covered milk chocolate. The name of the Daim Bar changed from the original name, Dajm, but the product has stayed the same. It’s brittle and chewy at the same time. Somehow the rich outer Marabou chocolate coating can only be perfected by Europeans.

2. Nestlé Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Bar — Japan

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In Japan, Kit Kat is leading the way with crazy flavors like rum raisin, red pepper and strawberry cheesecake. And the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat has become one of the most sought-after snacks coming out of Japan. They have a sweet matcha flavor with creamy white chocolate and wafers on the inside.

3. Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Cornflakes — Germany

This chocolate bar is a fun twist on the German snack with creamy European milk chocolate and crispy, crunchy cornflake bits.

4. Freia Mandelstang — Sweden

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The Norwegian chocolate and sweets company Freia introduced Mandelstang, Mandel for short, in 1897. This almond bar is made of fondant that’s covered in dark chocolate and coated with crushed almonds. The flavors all balance each other out perfectly.

5. Darrell Lea Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger Fudge — Australia

Ginger isn’t something commonly found in American sweets or chocolates, but this Australian confectionery company incorporates ginger in the best way. This chocolate ginger fudge bar consists of rich fudge that’s blended with small pieces of Buderim ginger and is then smothered with a layer of dark chocolate. You’d think with all of the ginger-obsessed Americans out there, we’d have this candy bar on our shelves by now.

6. Gullbrød — Norway

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If you’ve ever been to an Italian bakery, chances are you’ve seen marzipan in the shapes of little fruits. Marzipan is smooth, sweet and made of sugar, honey and almond meal or almond extract. This Norwegian chocolate bar is made up of dark chocolate and coarse marzipan, with over half of the bar being made up of marzipan made with California and Spanish almonds.

7. Elite Milk Chocolate Bar With Popping Candy — Israel

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This Israeli chocolate bar is packed with pop rocks. Elite makes a creamy milk chocolate bar that’s actually infused with popping candy, which makes a fun popping sound when you chew it. This Israeli chocolate brand is probably one of the most well known in the country, and the rich milk chocolate is unlike anything you’ll find in the States.

8. Nestlé Damak — Turkey

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Damak is a Turkish treat with a combination of creamy milk chocolate and Turkish pistachios. The pistachios in Turkey have a distinct, savory and time-honored taste, and each piece of this chocolate bar comes packed with them. Damak comes in both milk and dark chocolate varieties.

9. Nestlé Peppermint Crisp — South Africa

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The Peppermint Crisp milk chocolate bar is filled with thin cylinders of mint-flavored toffee. It was invented in South Africa and is now produced by Nestlé. You can find it in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Often children bite off both ends of the bar and use the mint tubes inside the chocolate bar to sip milk. Peppermint Crisp is commonly used in desserts like South African peppermint tarts.

10. Nestlé Mirage — Canada

If you’re heading to our neighbors up north, keep an eye out for Nestlé’s Mirage. This Canadian confection is made of milk chocolate with little air bubbles. The chocolate bar has a trapezoidal shape and comes in a yellow-white wrapper. Mirage is similar in texture to an Aero bar, but it’s a little bit thicker and it’s not divided into pieces.

11. Cadbury Crunchie — United Kingdom

The British chocolate bar Cadbury Crunchie has a honeycomb toffee sugar center. The gold bar of honeycomb is smothered in thick Cadbury milk chocolate, and it crumbles into crunchy bits in your mouth. It comes in a range of sizes from a small “snack size” to “king size.” In some countries, you might be lucky enough to find Crunchie ice cream bars and cheesecake.