7 Clever Cookbooks That’ll Help You Be Healthier In 2018


Now that 2018 is officially in full swing, we’re all chipping away at those health-minded resolutions. And we must say, there’s just something about a new cookbook that inspires a total kitchen (and diet) makeover. So if you’re at all focused on making the food you eat a little bit healthier this year, here’s a list of clever cookbooks that’ll help you discover the most nourished version of yourself.

1. Healthyish

Lindsay Maitland Hunt has created recipes for everyone — college students, home cooks, busy families, you name it. Healthyish is an ideal cookbook for anyone who works long hours or is constantly on the move but wants to incorporate healthier foods into their routine. Hunt’s book requires minimal pots and pans, and the ingredients are all affordable and easily available. You can find the book here.

2. Deliciously Ella With Friends


If you’re someone who is considering going plant-based or you’re already eating a plant-based diet, Ella Woodward is an amazing resource. In her original book, Deliciously Ella Every Day, all of the recipes are plant-based and gluten-free with all kinds of creative healthy ingredients that you would’ve never thought to try.

Her second (and highly anticipated) cookbook, Deliciously Ella With Friends, shares foods that are easy to prepare for you, your friends and your family. These are simple, feel-good recipes for every occasion. Find a copy of the book here.

3. Oh She Glows Cookbook

This is a book by Angela Liddon, which is based on her vegan website “Oh She Glows.” The cookbook has more than 100 vegan recipes that focus on nutrient-packed vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. These fresh recipes are meant to give you higher energy levels and make you feel better from the inside out. Even the dedicated meat eaters out there can find this cookbook helpful. Find a copy of the book here.

4. Healthy Meal Plan


If meal planning is something you’re interested in, you’ll want to check out this ebook with four weeks’ worth of menus. There are more than 100 recipes that can be mixed and matched in any way to fit your lifestyle or dietary needs.

The Healthy Meal Plan ebook notes the number of servings each recipe yields and other nutritional information you might want or need as well. It’s great for people who have very specific health or body goals for the new year and want help planning meals on a day-to-day basis. Find the book here.

5. 5 Ingredients — Quick And Easy Food

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is known for his mission of making good food accessible to everyone. His cookbook, 5 Ingredients — Quick and Easy Food, is simple, straightforward and full of nutritious food. Each recipe only uses five ingredients, making sure you can get your meals together fast with minimal prep. Oliver is all for letting the oven do most of the work and flavor building. Find the book here.

6. The Savvy Cook


Izy Hossack created The Savvy Cook for anyone on a strict, weekly budget looking to cook for themselves for the first time. There are more than 160 recipes that are all healthy and vegetarian. This book isn’t about obscure ingredients — it’s about making easy food that’ll give you more energy in your everyday life. You’ll find menu plans, clever alternatives for meat lovers and different ways to use up your leftovers. Find the book here.

7. Love Real Food

From the author of the vegetarian blog “Cookie and Kate” comes the book Love Real Food. This cookbook makes eating wholesome, fresh and sustainable food easy. There are more than 100 approachable and delicious vegetarian recipes in here along with substitution recommendations for anyone with other dietary restrictions. Find the book here.