Only The Bravest Souls Can Handle These Extreme Haunted Houses


It’s haunted house season! Whether you like them or not, going through a scary haunted house is like a rite of passage every Halloween. If you’re one of those people who can “handle anything,” try visiting one of these ultra-scary haunted houses. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll experience much more than your average scare.

1. The Shallow Grave — Winter Haven, Florida

If you think you can handle 13,000 square feet of terror, The Shallow Grave is for you. Situated in a small Floridian town, this attraction includes two haunted houses with intense storylines. In one house called “Betrayal,” your main task is escape a zombie uprising, while another house, “Pavor Nocturnus,” focuses on common phobias. Both houses are filled with actors who are allowed to touch you. You can leave the house at any time, but you cannot return. General admission tickets start at $26.

2. Dan’s Haunted House — Lake Dallas, Texas

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If you’re obsessed with Japanese culture, Dan’s Haunted House is your cup of tea. The house includes Japanese-inspired sets complete with samurai swords and actors impersonating creepy Japanese mythological characters. Not so much into chainsaws and rather have a scary psychological experience? Check out Dan’s Haunted House.

3. Pennhurst Asylum — Spring City, Pennsylvania 

The Pennhurst Asylum, which is formerly known as the Eastern State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, is a particularly scary place because its history is rich in terror. Multiple reports of staff members abusing patients caused the institution to close in 1987. Now, the asylum offers the creepiest tours of the grounds, including overnight experiences. Single attraction tickets start at $18, which allow you to enter one of the grounds’ many attractions like the main Pennhurst Asylum, Dungeon of Lost Souls, Mayflower After Dark or Containment.

4. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The Eastern State Penitentiary is another history-packed attraction that has been transformed into a terrifying Halloween destination. There are six distinct attractions on the grounds, including a room that will make you feel like you’re tripping out to the “Machine Shop,” in which you’ll “see and hear” bodies being chopped up into pieces. The creepiest part: the actors in the building can touch you. They can even throw you into an abandoned chamber, away from the rest of your group, just like in a real thriller movie. Admission prices range from $19 to $45 depending on the day you go and the attraction(s) you’d like to see.

5. McKamey Manor — San Diego, California

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Of all the most terrifying haunted houses, this one definitely takes the cake. McKamey Manor is the most extreme haunted house out there. In order to go through the experience, you’ll have to get through a 24,000-person waiting list, get a note from your doctor indicating you’re in good health and sign a 40-page waiver that even states that if you die, it’s not on them. Shaking yet?

Actors have free reign of what happens to you, whether that means forcing you to eat your own puke, sticking your head in a cage full of snakes or making small cuts on your body. No one has yet completed the house, and actors can hold you there for four to seven hours. Even if you yell out the safe word you decide on at the beginning of the haunted house tour, the actors can decide to keep you for as long as they want. If losing all control of your surroundings and your own body excites you, clearly you should join the waiting list for this psychotic attraction.