12 Stunning Spots Where You Can See The Best Of Germany’s 20,000 Castles

best german castles

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Hello, royalty-obsessed travel fiends. Have you been to Germany, a country densely packed with gorgeous castles?

Germany claims to have more than 20,000 castles or ruins of castles, so it’s hard to imagine coming away from a trip here without being thrilled with one or 20,000 castle visits. But if you want to narrow down your search a little bit, these 12 picks are majestic examples of the country’s offerings.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

This iconic Bavarian castle near Munich is only the beginning of the country’s royal dwellings, but you can’t miss it. In fact, if you only see one, this is the one to see.

best german castles

Flickr CC/Rob Faulkner

2. GlĂĽcksburg Castle

Located so far north that it’s almost in Denmark, GlĂĽcksburg is called a “water castle” and is best viewed from across the lake. And after you take in the sight, you can enjoy afternoon tea and cake.

best german castles

Wikimedia Commons

3. Zwinger Palace

Dresden’s Baroque-style Zwinger is a stunningly ornate palace that dates back to the 1700s. The interior is covered in paintings and filled with sculptures, so the entire building is a work of art.

best german castles

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4. Hohenzollern Castle

We’re shocked that this fairytale-worthy castle doesn’t get more love. It’s located south of Stuttgart, making it the perfect stop on the way to Switzerland.

best german castles

Flickr CC/Playlight55

5. Wernigerode Castle

Set right into the mountains overlooking a picturesque village, this castle dates back to the 12th century (although many repairs and updates have been made since).

best german castles

Wikimedia Commons

6. Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is Berlin’s best castle and makes for an interesting addition to a Berlin itinerary after engrossing yourself in the city’s tumultuous history.

best castles in germany

Flickr CC/Rey Perezoso

7. Eltz Castle

Instagrammers love Eltz’s charming collection of towers and the long pathway leading to the castle. The hilltop dwelling is still owned by the same family that lived there in the 1300s.

best german castles

Flickr CC/Terry Robinson

8. Schwerin Castle

Built on the banks of a northern German lake, this castle contains 653 rooms. It’s massive. And each room, turret and garden is ornately decorated.

best castles in germany

Wikimedia Commons

9. Cochem Castle

You can spot Cochem Castle on the hill as you approach the scene, but the view of the tower is even better from the lake below. It dates back to the year 1000. Bonus: There’s a thriving wine industry nearby.

best castles in germany

Flickr CC/Justin LaBerge

10. Nordkirchen Castle

Germany’s answer to France’s Versailles, this palace is equipped with an extensive network of gardens as well. You can find Nordkirchen just north of Dusseldorf.

best german castles

Flickr CC/HĂĽhnerauge

11. Burg Satzvey

Still the home of German nobility, this castle dates back to the 1300s. But rumor has it that Burg Satzvey may have been built on the foundation on an even older fortress.

best german castles

Wikimedia Commons

12. Heidelberg Castle

The ruins of Heidelberg Castle is a major tourist attraction in Germany, located in the mountainous town of the same name, with possible panoramic views of the castle, town and river below.

best german castles

Flickr CC/Claudia Schillinger


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