13 French Desserts That Will Make You Want To Jump A Plane To Paris


When it comes to dessert, you’re probably like us and go all in. There’s nothing like satisfying an aggressive sugar craving. And when it comes to sweet treats, there’s something so lovely about French desserts that it almost feels sacrilegious not to slowly savor. The best French desserts, like the ones below, will make you want to jump a plane to Paris, like, yesterday.

1. Champagne Soufflé

2. Macarons

3. Crème Brûlée

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4. Mille Feuille

5. Crêpe Cake

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6. Apple Tart Tatin

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7. Madeleines

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8. Opera Cake

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9. Chocolate Mousse

10. Berry Clafoutis

11. Eclair Au Chocolat

12. Chocolate Profiterole Cake

13. Meringues