These Are The Best Food Shows On Netflix

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Once those winter coats come out, you know it’s cuffing season and people are looking for shows to binge watch on Netflix. If you’re a cordcutter, like a lot of millennials are, you can’t rely on the Food Network or Travel Channel for all of your cooking show needs. No matter what your level of culinary knowledge is, you’ll definitely be amused by these food-centric shows on Netflix. Grab your wine and head to the couch.

The Great British Baking Show

When you need an escape from reality, “The Great British Baking Show” is all kinds of entertaining, cheery and lighthearted. It’s also oddly soothing. You’ll watch the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers who are all working towards earning the title of the United Kingdom’s best. The judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, search for the country’s best amateur baker over the course of 10 weeks by testing each competitor’s skills when it comes to cakes, bread, pastries and desserts.

Avec Eric

Follow Eric Ripert of Manhattan’s world-renowned Le Bernardin as he travels around the globe through high-end kitchens in search of inspiration and new ingredients. Eric also happens to be best buds with Anthony Bourdain. “Avec Eric” is a PBS-turned-Cooking Channel series, which follows the French chef on his journey as he meets all kinds of fascinating people and encounters places that influence his cooking style. Indulge in the world of fine dining.

Chef’s Table

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This Emmy-nominated American documentary series is produced by Netflix. Each episode focuses on a different world-renowned chef. You’ll get an insider’s perspective on the lives and kitchens of famous international chefs who are changing and redefining the culinary world. The attention to detail, unwavering focus and passion of these chefs is truly fascinating. The food is ridiculously impressive and the camerawork engages you to the point where it’s hard to look away. “Chef’s Table” does an amazing job at capturing the stories of each chef that’s put in the spotlight.

Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour

Back in 2002, Anthony Bourdain began to pave the way for his travel food show career with his first show “A Cook’s Tour.” This show originally aired on the Food Network, which will give you an idea of just how much the food industry has changed over the years, and you’ll get to watch Bourdain visit exotic countries and cities, worldwide, where hosts treat him to the local cuisine and culture. Some of the references are a little outdated, which makes it that much more endearing and amusing. You’ll feel like you’re a seasoned pro hearing about all of these international food trends. If you’re a Bourdain fan, you’ll love this less polished version of “Parts Unknown,” which is also pretty similar to Bourdain’s “No Reservations.”


This show created by Netflix and produced by American documentary film director Alex Gibney and author Michael Pollan, is a less fancy version of “Chef’s Table.” Pollan tries his hand at everything from brewing to baking to braising and he explores how cooking transforms food and how it has the ability to shape our world. If you’re someone who’s really curious and you want to know why things are the way they are, “Cooked” dives into the culture and history of your food and it explores the mind of the everyday cook. You’ll learn a lot from this one.