5 European Chocolates We Need In The U.S.


Chocoholics, you know how to get your fix no matter where you are in the United States. There’s no question though that Europe has some kickass chocolate that you simply won’t find stateside. Here are five of the best Europe has to offer:

1. Jacques Genin — Paris, France

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Initially famous for its caramels, Jacques Genin offers chocolates and bonbons at his 200-square-meter confectionary shop in Paris. The chocolates have signature designs and they’re packaged with the most gorgeous boxes and ribbons. If you’re looking for something other than chocolate, you can also get your fix. Go for the citrus tarts and vanilla bean mille feuilles.

2. Andreas Muschler — Freising, Germany

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Known for its dark chocolate confections, Andreas Muschler features the simplest, yet ridiculously lush, chocolates in the small city of Freising. You can order chocolates individually or you can go for over-the-top options like gourmet chocolate hazelnut cakes or handmade macarons. The spot even has special advent calendar boxes of chocolates.

3. Bubo — Barcelona, Spain

After opening in 2005, Bubo emerged as one of the best chocolate shops in Barcelona, and arguably in Europe. From its expertly-made petit fours to artistic cakes, Bubo brings the heat. But what sets it apart, of course, is its chocolate. The selection is incredible and features flavor profiles from boozy to nutty to rich.

4. Henri Le Roux — Paris, France

Henri Le Roux is a world-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier predominantly known for creating the salted butter caramel. Since then, shops have popped up all over Paris and other parts of Europe selling craft chocolate bars and assorted of truffles. He is also known for creating the most “luxurious” truffle in the world, The “Truffe de Truffe®,” which is comprised of moist bitter chocolate cream and fresh truffle.

5. Laderach — Glarus, Switzerland

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Can you get any better than Swiss chocolate? This chocolate shop proves Switzerland is home to major competition for other European shops. After launching in 1962, the brand became known for its inventive sweets. You can order slabs of chocolate and hunks of just-made praline ganache truffles. With flavors like chili lime and pink pepper strawberry, you won’t be bored — though the chocolate itself is enough to keep you ensnared.