9 Chocolatey Desserts You Can Make Out Of Your Leftover Easter Candy

best Easter candy dessert recipes


Around Easter time, the candy is flowing more than usual. It seems like every storefront has pretty much exploded with pastels and foiled-covered chocolate eggs. And this sugar overload means pretty much everyone can benefit from Easter. You have all of the candy-coated chocolate and bunnies for the people who celebrate Easter, and then you have post-Easter chocolate sales for the ones who don’t. If you’re the latter person and buy a surplus of Easter candy and don’t know what to do with it all, here are nine desserts you can make.

1. Easter Popcorn

Since the aisles are packed with pastel M&Ms, it’s only right that you make some Easter popcorn. This Easter popcorn recipe calls for white chocolate, M&Ms, pretzel sticks, Easter egg sprinkles and sea salt. And here’s another recipe for some pastel popcorn that has peanut M&Ms and melted Easter candy.

2. Easter Bunny Bark

Oreo bark is simple to make and it’ll look pretty on any holiday table. This recipe for Oreo bark calls for vanilla candy coating, pastel M&Ms, Oreos and Easter sprinkles. For a more chocolatey Easter bark, try this Easter Egg Chocolate Swirl Bark with semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate, chocolate eggs and salted pretzel sticks.

3. Easter Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is probably one of the easiest ways to use up your leftover Easter candy. Try this Cadbury Creme Egg Hot Chocolate with milk, cocoa powder, creme eggs, whipped cream and a little vanilla.

4. Cadbury Egg Cookies

These Double Chocolate Cookies with Cadbury Eggs are pretty indulgent and full of espresso powder. You could also go the regular chocolate chip cookie route with these Easter-themed chocolate chip cookies.

5. Bunny Chow

You might know bunny chow as the South African dish of hollowed out bread filled with curry, but the name takes on an entirely different meaning when Easter rolls around. This bunny chow recipe has you combine Chex Mix with peanut butter, white chocolate and pastel peanut M&Ms. For another take on Easter bunny chow, here’s a recipe that involves butterscotch pudding mix.

6. Cadbury Cocktail

If sweet cocktails are your thing, go for a Cadbury Creme Fizz. One of these and you’ll be good on sugar for the unforeseeable future.

7. Easter Candy Mug Cake

Mug cakes are magical. You literally have a cake ready in under four minutes! This Easter mug cake has white chocolate, skim milk, flour, baking powder, sugar and pastel sprinkles. For another mug cake recipe, try this Easter Creme Egg Mug Cake with brown sugar and cocoa powder.

8. Peeps S’mores Skillet

For a fun way to use up your leftover Easter peeps, try Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet S’mores. If you have chocolate chips, peanut butter, Peeps and graham crackers, you’re good to go. Here’s another Peeps S’mores Skillet recipe that’s a little more on the dark chocolate side.

9. Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Lava Cake

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You know you’re going to win over the crowd with any kind of lava cake. This Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Lava Cake cracks open with gooey Cadbury chocolate inside. Here’s another Easter-themed molten cake that uses Cadbury eggs and is covered with chocolate syrup.