Avoid The Bloat With These Drive-Through Meal Options On Your Next Road Trip


Don’t let greasy, fatty, fried fast food throw off your good vibes as you’re blasting your favorite playlist on your next cross-country drive. The last thing you want is to feel a seatbelt squeezing against a bloated tummy. But if you’re cruising along Route 66, you probably won’t find a Sweetgreen around every corner, either. So, with that in mind, here are some healthier options you can grab at common drive-throughs around the country.

Just remember — you’re on vacation. You can throw in a side of fries to split with the car crew. What’s a road trip without a few indulgences, right?


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At Mickey D’s, you can cut down on some of the bad stuff by ordering chicken. But heads up, it’s gotta be grilled (not fried) to cut down on the fat. If you can’t go for a grilled chicken salad (because eating a salad while driving is dangerous), try the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It’s 380 calories.


If you need a caffeine boost with your meal, we bet you’re on the lookout for a Starbucks. The coffee company has a lengthy list of bakery items that have less than 350 calories for a snack (the protein-rich egg sandwiches also have less than 350 calories). For a full lunch, try one of the refrigerator meals with a side of veggies.


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We are going to recommend a Wendy’s salad for times when you’re not in the driver’s seat. Again, please do not eat a salad while driving a car. But Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad is a great green alternative to a burger, fries or chicken nuggets (and it has a reasonable 480 calories).

Burger King

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Sorry, Burger King, but you’re slacking on the healthy options. A road tripper’s best bet, if this is the only spot on a long streak of empty highway, is to get a burger (a single Whopper Jr — not even a regular, and no doubles or triples, either). That’s about 310 calories, but it might sit a little heavy in your gut without a side of apple slices or… something with vitamins.

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is a risky choice for a car meal for so many reasons. The toppings spilling everywhere. The ingredients are far from the most nutritious. And the Crunch Wrap Supreme is not going to be the healthy choice. Instead, give the breakfast tacos a try (for around 170 calories a piece).


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Okay, so a sub sandwich doesn’t quite feel as much like fast food as a burger and fries, but Subway still has some meals that pack in a ton of calories. The Steak Club will definitely weigh you down, but the six-inch Turkey Breast sub clocks in at just 280 calories — and has lettuce, tomato and cucumbers to lighten things up.