Here’s Where You Should Live To Make The Most Money In Your Career


You probably were told in school that the amount of money you’ll make would really depend on the career you choose. What you may not have known is that income can vary greatly depending on where you live. According to GoBankingRates research, certain cities offer better pay for specific jobs.

The findings showed that Los Angeles favors financial jobs while more lucrative opportunities for teaching can be found on the east and west coasts.

Here are the top cities for popular jobs based on estimated median annual salary.

1. Computer Systems Analyst  Los Angeles, California, $85,000

2. Dentist — Dallas, Texas, $127,500

3. Elementary School Teacher — San Diego, California, $44,000

4. Financial Adviser — Jacksonville, Florida, $78,500

5. Lawyer — Boston, Massachusetts, $88,000

6. Nurse Practitioner — Houston, Texas $101,500

7. Occupational Therapist — New York City, New York, $82,000

8. Psychologist — Bakersfield, California, $89,500

9. PR Specialist — New York City, New York, $58,500

10. Sales Manager — Chicago, Illinois, $75,500

11. Software Developer — Columbus, Ohio, $95,000

12. Civil Engineer — Los Angeles, California, $80,500

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