These Are The Best Cities Around The World For New Years


We’re going to break some harsh news to you right now. Are you ready? Standing in the middle of Times Square waiting for the ball to drop is not the epitome of New Year’s Eve. It’s cold, you’re stuck standing for hours on end and there’s no alcohol allowed – not even a bit of bubbly to ring in the new year.

Instead of fantasizing about the giant tourist trap on steroids that is Times Square, consider planning a trip to one of the cities below to celebrate the beginning of 2018.

A hint: if there’s a giant street party going on, there are 15 more fun ones a little off the beaten path. New Year’s Eve is best when you choose your own adventure and mix and match the big bashes with the little hole in the wall party. We love the festivities in these 5 cities.


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The first time zone in the world to reach 2018 has one of the best cities for celebrating, thank goodness. Sydney’s waterfront lights up with fireworks from just about every angle – and many park views come with a DJ for kicking off 2018 with a great soundtrack.


Edinburgh’s big 3-day New Year’s celebration is called Hogmanay and it’s crazy. Even if you choose to skip the fireworks display over the Edinburgh castle, you’ll still want to wander the streets a bit – if only to see the giant crowd sing Auld Lang Syne. It’s lauded as the biggest rendition of the song in the world.

Rio de Janeiro

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It’s party city in Rio all year round, but on New Year’s Eve, the famous Copacabana beach turns into a blow-out. People wear all white, spray champagne and throw flowers into the sea to celebrate the new year. Away from the coast, you’ll find plenty to fill the hours after midnight.


Berlin’s nightlife is infamous for lasting long until after sunrise, but on New Year’s Eve you’ll want to start early. During the daytime of New Year’s Eve, there’s a pancake race (runners literally flip pancakes and run) to prep you well for a long night of partying. Exercise and carbs are the perfect pre-pre-game, right?

New York City

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We’ve shared our feelings about the Times Square hoopla, but that doesn’t mean NYC is boring for celebrating the New Year. On the contrary, the city that never sleeps is packed with parties, bars and clubs for every flavor of New Year’s reveler. Just pick your neighborhood and see where the night takes you.