Daily Fit 4/30/19: Best Busy Gym Workout

best busy gym workout


Workout Tip of The Day: Doing Supersets Helps You Maximize Your Workouts When The Gym Gets Overcrowded

Why It Works: It’s hard to keep yourself motivated to exercise when your workout space is packed to the brim with sweaty people and all the machines that you were planning on using for your workout are taken. But doing supersets can make working out at a crowded gym a lot more manageable and a lot less lengthy. If you’re not familiar with a superset, it consists of doing two or more exercises back to back with little-to-no rest in between. Generally the exercises that you do back-to-back work different muscle groups (for example, you’d do an upper body exercise, followed by a lower-body exercise, followed by a core exercise) so each muscle group gets to rest without having to take additional breaks in between. Supersets will keep you from being that obnoxious person who spends five minutes idly sitting on the leg press machine between sets while others wait to use it and it’ll also allow you to keep your workout going while you’re waiting to use specific machines or equipment.

How To Do Them: There are three common ways to do supersets. You can superset two or more exercises that work completely different muscle groups — like squats with pushups — which is the time-saving method discussed above, or you could do antagonist supersets. Antagonist supersets pair two or more exercises that work muscle groups that directly oppose each — bicep curls with tricep curls or chest press with rows — which allows each muscle group to relax while you’re working its antagonist, resulting in saving you time. The final superset method is agonist super-setting where you pair two or more exercises that work the same muscle group (for example, squats followed by jump squats). This method is particularly effective if you’re looking to overload specific muscle groups, which promotes muscle growth. [Swirled]

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