5 Boxed Wines That Are Actually Amazing


When you hear the words “boxed wine,” do you immediately think back to the cheap college days? Well, boxed wine is definitely budget-friendly (and an easy, non-breakable alternative to many bottles out there), but despite popular belief, they don’t all taste like shit. Here are five options, in no particular order, that taste awesome.

1. The Favorite Classic White — Big House White, $20

If you’re looking for something classy, turn to Big House White. The wine has a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Malvasia Bianco, Orange Muscat, Muscat Canelli and Marsanne. Market View Liquor highly recommends the wine and states that it’s a perfect balance of floral, citrus and peach.

2. The Innovative One — Nuvino Wines, $18

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Nuvino is different from other boxed wines in that it’s not…really…boxed? It’s bagged. Also, the bags have an easy snap-and-lock feature so you don’t have to drink them in one sitting (though we’re not going to argue against that). Each wine is sourced from somewhere different. The chardonnay, for example, is from the Cape Winelands in Cape Town, South Africa, and the wines indicate the year they were made. Tastings.com rated each of the wines highly, between an 82 to 87 out of 100. You can feel classy as hell toting around one of these babies.

3. The Most Flavorful — Viña Borgia Garnacha, $20

If the colorful box isn’t enough to draw you in, the flavors of this wine are beyond what you would expect for a typical boxed wine. The red Spanish wine is peppery and fruity, highlighting notes of blueberry, blackberry and licorice. Marketview Liquor rates the bottled wine (the same flavor, just not in a box) 88 points out of 100, stating that the wine is “jammy, straightforward, extremely easy-to-drink style with good depth and no rough edges.”

4. The French Delicacy — La Vieille Ferme Vin Rouge, $28

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If you want a strong red with a super fancy name, look no further than La Vieille Ferme. Produced by old-school French wine maker Perrin et fils, the wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault from Cotes du Ventoux, Rhone, France. The Reverse Wine Snob gave the wine an 85 out of 100 rating, stating that the wine is “supremely satisfying, well-rounded, medium-bodied wine filled with juicy fruit, good acidity and some more of those dried herbs and spice notes from the nose.”

5. The Steal — Vinchio-Vaglio Serra Piemonte Barbera, $16

This wine is a steal, but still hits the quality mark. Wine-Searcher gave the vino a stellar rating of 87 out of 100, noting the expert blending of distinct flavors like black cherry, plums and smooth, silky tannins. For $16, you get 3 liters (101 fluid oz) of higher-end-tasting wine. Hell yeah.