5 Things You Didn’t Know About Amazon


By now you’ve not only heard of Amazon.com, but also probably have a number of items in your cart waiting to be shipped directly to your home. Amazon is arguably the coolest, most convenient company for millennials, but there are plenty of interesting facts about it that you probably don’t know. Here are five Amazon tidbits that will blow your mind.

1. Every employee works at a customer service desk at least once every two years.

For two days every two years, each Amazon staff member (including the CEO) works at a customer service desk. The point? To remind everyone how crucial good customer service is for the company to be successful.

2. Amazon got its start in a garage.

To be clear, that garage was founder Jeff Bezos’ in Bellevue, Washington. Though his company has grown far beyond his own mailbox, the property still has an oversized mailbox that holds all the overflow mail the company receives.

3. A programming error allowed customers to get free money.

Thanks to a glitch in the system during Amazon’s early years, customers figured out how to order negative numbers of items and add credits to their balance. Basically, they could pretend to return items they didn’t have and get money for it. Smart.

4. There’s a story behind the logo.

The arrow in the Amazon logo was meant to depict a smile that stretches from A to Z with the sentiment that Amazon was willing to deliver any item (from A to Z) to your door.

5. You can get your book published for free in the Amazon Kindle store in less than 24 hours.

If you’re ready to become a published author, Amazon gives you the opportunity to bypass the grueling pitching and editing process. The Internet is your oyster.