You Will Actually Wish You Had A Longer Layover At These Airports


Layovers don’t mean hours of munching on terrible convenience foods and scrolling through your Instagram feed for the millionth time at these 5 airports. You’ll actually wish you had more time at these transit hubs before boarding your next flight. Here’s why.

1. Changi International Airport – Singapore, Singapore

There’s a butterfly garden, rooftop pool, giant slide and entertainment center (complete with video games galore).

2. Dubai International Airport – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You’ll find open-air gardens if you need some relaxation time, or a gym and pool if you need to work up a sweat.

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3. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s endless learning at Amsterdam’s airport, with a library, art museum, science museum and silence center where you can really soak up all that knowledge in peace.

4. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Luxe-life travelers will love flying into Hong Kong for the IMAX theater, golf course, and mini versions of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

5. Incheon International Airport – Seoul, South Korea

While you could just watch a film in one of the airport’s movie theaters, we’d recommend sports at the ice rink or putting course, or watching dance performances in the concourses.

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6. San Francisco International Airport – San Francisco, U.S.

San Fran’s airport has an aquarium and a yoga room, but we want to delay our flight to hang out with the Wag Brigade. It’s a crew of dogs and a teacup pig on a mission to make guests happy.

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