7/5/19 Newsletter: 11 Outrageous Strawberry Recipes

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1. What To Make: 11 Recipes For Strawberry Season

If you love berry season as much as we do, pick up a few pints of sweet, juicy strawberries from your local farmers market and check out our lineup of “berry” amazing recipes. From a savory feta strawberry salad to a sweet strawberry almond French toast casserole, there’s sure to be a fruity dish for any taste bud. [Swirled]

2. Life Hack Of The Day: Pup Edition

As the temperature rises, remember this doggone good hack. Before walking your dog on a hot day, place the back of your hand on the pavement. If it’s too hot to keep it there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your pup.

3. Workout Of The Week: V Ups

The V up is one of several ab-sculpting crunches you can do. Start by lying down on your back with your legs stretched out long in a narrow V shape and your arms reaching above your head. Engage your abdominals to lift your shoulders and legs simultaneously, creating an upright V shape with your body as you touch your toes. Return to the starting position without using momentum or just dropping your body back to the ground. That’s one rep. Repeat these beasts for 30 seconds. [Swirled]

4. R&R: DIY Face Mist

Rather than shelling out your hard earned dollars on a facial mist, make your own! Fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add drops of essential oils like rose, lavender or tea tree. Spritz your skin before or after makeup — any throughout the day — to achieve a more natural and dewy look.

5. Wild Card: Alkaline Water

Body-balancing alkaline water is intended to help your body reach a healthy pH level but all those bottles can add up — not to mention they’re not exactly eco-friendly. Making your own alkaline water at home only takes three ingredients. Combine 64 ounces of clean, purified water with 1 organic lemon, washed and cut into 8th (do not squeeze, just add the pieces) and one teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt. Let sit for 8 to 12 hours at room temperature, then enjoy! [My Domaine]

6. Dream Destination: Pamplona, Spain

The capital of Navarre, Spain, Pamploma ins gearing up for it’s famous San Fermín Festival ( a.k.a. The Running of the Bulls) which begins this Sunday. But there’s so much more to enjoy from this city including historic attractions like the La Catedral de Santa María la Real de Pamplona and the Church of Saint Lawrence as well as pintxos (tapas) bars and a vibrant nightlife. [The Culture Trip]

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