This Authentic Desert Tent In Jordan Is The Epitome Of Off-The-Beaten Path


Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert is one of the few truly mysterious places left on the planet. Out in the sand dunes, you have spectacular views of the stars and access to mountains, caves and camel rides through canyons. And for the intrepid gaggle of friends, this tent Airbnb is a super-affordable entrance point to some incredible adventures.

You and up to eight friends can share a tent for about $20 per person, per night. The tents are solar-powered (so, yes, you can charge your phone for a new day of taking photos galore) and you’ll get to sample traditional Bedouin foods made right on the premises (fresh bread baked every day).


Amenities include:

  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Access to regional tours

Here’s how you can make this dream vacation a reality:

With every off-the-beaten-track endeavor comes a little bit of a process to get there. To get to the tent Airbnb in Wadi Rum, you can fly into Amman, Jerusalem or Aqaba and take a bus to Wadi Rum. From the Wadi Rum village, it’s a two-hour hike to the Airbnb site.

If you want to really do the adventure full-speed ahead, you can hike from the Wadi Rum visitor center to the camp – just bring plenty of water.


So friends, when are we going?