How To Pack For A Beach Vacation In A Carry-On Bag

beach vacation packing list

Unsplash/Vidar Nordli

You lucky summer traveler. It’s so much easier to pack for warm weather than cold weather. You can basically bring all the clothes you want in that carry-on bag. Here’s how to do it.

Bring a sarong.

Our one suitcase must-have is always a scarf. But in the summer, make your swimsuit cover-up double as a picnic blanket, wrap and even a towel if need be.

Roll your dresses.

We know you probably don’t want to squish your lovely sundress into a ball, but hear us out. It’s better. If you roll carefully, you won’t get wrinkles in your clothes and you can pack about four dresses the space you’d usually use for one.

Layer your shoes.

Flip flops and sandals can be stacked on top of each other or layered between more bulky pieces of clothing. If you want a cute pair of wedges in your baggage, put those in first and put socks around the heels to maximize empty space.

beach vacation packing list

Swirled/Libby Ryan

Take more shirts than shorts.

Going tropical? You’re going to sweat, friend. For every pair of shorts, you’ll want at least a couple of shirts, not for outfit options but so you don’t feel totally disgusting after a day in the sun.

Use bikinis to pack bikinis.

Your teeny-weeny polka dot bikini is the easiest piece of clothing to pack. That means you can scrunch up your bottoms inside your tops to save space.

Buy a beach towel.

That big fluffy beach towel is going to waste all your precious suitcase space. In nearly all beach destinations, you can grab a cheap one at Target, Walgreens or even a casual beachside stand.


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