Here’s The Deal With That Bali Swing Blowing Up Your Insta Feed


Bali is full of swings. Something about the jungle makes people want to soar through the air, like Tarzan on a vine. But there’s one that makes it into our Instagram feeds more than others. It’s aptly named the Bali Swing. Here’s how to find it, how much it costs and what you get for your money.

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The swing is located near Ubud in Bali. And it’s basically an Instagram tourist trap, but a pretty and thrilling one when it’s your turn to swing. Besides the big swing (there are a couple smaller ones too), there’s a bird’s next to climb on, as well as stunning views of the valley and waterfall below.

However, lines can get pretty long as people wait their turns to Insta up a storm as they swing. Everyone wants that perfect shot. Hey, if your budget is big and your patience is strong, tourist traps aren’t all bad.

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There are two packages you can buy to get into the swing area, but only one will get you that enviable Insta on the actual swing. Entrance alone is $10, including complimentary drinks, a lunch buffet and access to the playground — minus the swing. Unlimited time and rides on the big swing cost $35. (To put that in perspective, you can easily book your own private bungalow for a night on the nearby island of Gili Trawangan for $45 a night.)

To get to the swing from Ubud, you can pay $6 for a private car to pick you up from your hotel. Or you can catch a free bus from the Queen’s of India restaurant in Ubud, although you have to make a reservation for the bus ahead of time.

Heads up, the people who run the Bali Swing also run elephant ride tours. You can even purchase a package that includes a swing ride and an elephant ride. So if you’re passionately against riding elephants, maybe choose another swing that’s a little less famous for your Bali photo sesh. Or maybe even find an Airbnb with your very own swing.

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