These Insta-Famous Pink Sand Beaches Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be


With so many real-time photos and videos of awesome destinations on Instagram, one would think the places look like they do in the pictures. But guess what? We’ve been totally beach-fished, guys (Get it? Catfished? Beach-fished?). These Bahamas pink sand beaches aren’t actually pink at all, and we honestly feel betrayed.

The number of Instagram photos and even Google Image search photos (seriously, check them out) certainly make it seem like some beaches — one example being Harbour Island — in the island nation have pink sand. Google doesn’t lie, right?

Well, unfortunately, we’ve been duped. Instagram influencers and photographers everywhere haven’t been super on-point about the hue of the sand.

Other Instagram photos using the same pink sand beach geotag have captured the beach, which is very beautiful, but not pink. Insider debunked the confusing phenomenon by sending a writer to see for herself whether the beach lived up to the hype.

“I’m not complaining, but where were the bubble gum hues?” she wrote. “Did I come at the wrong time of year? Was I at the wrong beach or staying at the wrong hotel? Nope. Turns out, as with most things on social media, the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas are a bit exaggerated.”

Here’s what one “pink sand” beach actually looks like:

Though the beach may have a slight tint to it, thanks to the broken pieces of coral and shell, the pinkness of the sand is definitely saturated, so it’s deceiving.

If you’re looking to travel just to see the pink sand for yourself, think twice. You may not get exactly what you want.