This Baby Monitor For Pets Could Help You Keep An Eye On Your Pup During Flights


Flying has gotten scary lately for pet owners traveling with their animals. After news broke about the tragic death of a dog on a United Airlines flight, all dog and cat parents are on the lookout for new ways to keep track of their fur babies. Enter Digi-Pet, a baby monitor for your fluffy friend while flying.

Digi-Pet, created by tech company Unisys, aims to let pet owners stay in touch with their animals in the air. Since bigger dogs have to go in the cargo holds of commercial airlines, Digi-Pet wants to alleviate some of the stress of putting your pups where you can’t see them. On small planes, sometimes even kitties have to fly below deck, so Digi-Pet uses sensors to keep track of the animals well-being.

The sensors monitor temperature, oxygen levels, light and even vibration as the plane moves. Digi-Pet will automatically send an alert to you and flight staff if anything looks suspicious, ensuring your furry pal is never fully out of sight.

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You can also monitor your pet through video and even send them voice memos on your phone through Digi-Pet’s subscription service. That means if you see your pup getting restless, you can send them a message and your voice will play, “Who’s a good boy sitting calmly in the cargo hold?”

[h/t Travel and Leisure]