You Can Fly Roundtrip From The U.S. To Auckland For $533


We’re not exactly New Zealand experts, but we do know that a visit to the country would be incredible. Whether you’re an outdoor adventure junkie or just want to take in the beautiful scenery, you’d be lucky to spend a few days in New Zealand. And this flight deal is about to make a trip across the globe possible: you can get a roundtrip flight to Auckland from Los Angeles for as low as $533 right now.

The Points Guy reports that the flight deal is actually a mistake fare, which means that the airline or online travel agency that was responsible for the priced tickets literally messed up the numbers and priced the tickets way below what they intended. That flight very well could have actually been for $1,533 and an employee missed the 1. It sucks for them, but it’s great for us.

Here’s how to get the deal:

Go to Priceline and enter your origin city, Los Angeles, as well as your destination city, Auckland. Unlike Google Flights, Priceline doesn’t have that convenient calendar feature that shows you prices for flights on different days, so you’ll have to play around with dates. Most of the dates that show the $533 price are in February and March of 2018.

We found a flight leaving Los Angeles on February 8 and returning on February 27 for $533:


We know this one is a bit trickier than normal, but if you’ve been dying to see New Zealand, this could be your shot. What’s better than paying less than half the average price of a ticket to Auckland?

We have faith in you. Do some digging and you could be on a plane to New Zealand in no time.