Arctic Sea Ice Day 2019

Beginning July 15th, Canada Goose will be offering fans of the brand a chance to travel to Churchill, Manitoba to experience the magic of the Arctic, polar bears and the importance of sea ice preservation first-hand. The outerwear brand has been a longtime partner of Polar Bears International and this opportunity is in support of this year’s Arctic Sea Ice Day (July 15th) —  an international day to call attention to the effects of sea ice loss in the Arctic and how the trend can be reversed.

Canada Goose has been supporting PBI for over 10 years, including through its PBI Collection that includes parkas, lightweight jackets and accessories made in a signature Pantone color—PBI Blue. The brand donates $50 from each sale of a PBI jacket, providing critical funding for polar bear and environmental research and advocacy. The brand has contributed more than $3M to support their continued research and conservation efforts.

To participate, simply sign up for Canada Goose’s Basecamp Program and enter for a once-in-a-lifetime “Journey Behind the Scenes with PBI” trip to Churchill, Manitoba from November 6-10th, 2019. In addition to area tours, dog sledding and Tundra Buggy excursions, guests will have the opportunity to see the polar bears and learn more about PBI’s Arctic conservation efforts.

How you can get involved in Arctic Sea Ice Day: