These Apricot Glazed Baby Back Ribs Are Delicious


If you’re feeling really ambitious, give Dr. BBQ’s Apricot Glazed Baby Back Ribs a try. Who knew smoky and fruity could work so well!




2 each Full slabs of baby back ribs, about 2 pounds each
1 1/2 cup Apricot preserves, divided and at room temperature
1/4 cup Brown sugar
1/2 cup Apricot nectar

For the rub:

1/4 Raw sugar
3 tbsp. Salt
1 tbsp. Black pepper
1 tsp. Chili powder
1 tsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Granulated garlic (or powder)
1 tsp. Granulated onion (or powder)
1 tsp. Cayenne (optional)


1. Peel the membrane from the ribs and trim any excess fat.
2. Wash in cold water to remove any bone dust and dry well.
3. In a small bowl, combine all of the rub ingredients and mix well.
4. Season the ribs liberally with the rub using about 2/3 on the meaty side and 1/3 on the bone side.
5. Let rest at room temperature for 10 minutes or in the refrigerator for up to two hours.
6. Prepare the outdoor grill to cook indirect at 300° adding apricot (or apple) wood for flavor.
7. Place the ribs on the grill meaty side up and cook for one hour.
8. Flip the ribs and cook for 30 minutes.
9. Flip again and cook until the ribs are golden brown, about another 30 minutes.
10. Remove the ribs and transfer to a platter or sheet pan.
11. Lay out two big double-thick sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil each big enough to wrap a whole slab.
12. Transfer each slab of ribs to one of the sheets of foil, meaty side up.
13. Top each slab with ½ cup of the preserves, spreading evenly.
14. Sprinkle half of brown sugar over each slab.
15. Begin to bring the sides of the foil up to wrap the ribs. While folding each foil into a packet, pour ¼ cup of the apricot nectar under the ribs.
16. Seal the packets snugly being careful not to puncture the foil with the rib bones.
17. Return to the grill for 45 minutes.
18. Open one of the packets and test the ribs for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the meat.
19. When the ribs are done, the toothpick will slide in and out with very little resistance. If the ribs aren’t done, close the foil back up and cook a little longer until they are done.
20. To finish, prepare the grill to cook directly over medium-high heat.
21. Remove the ribs from the foil and transfer them to the grill, meaty side down.
22. Cook for a few minutes, until golden brown.
23. Flip the ribs and spread the remaining apricot preserves over the top.
24. Cook until the bottom is golden brown and the preserves are warm.
25. Transfer to a cutting board and cut each slab into 3 pieces to serve.