Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Favorite Canyon


You’ve definitely seen shots of the beautiful slants of light shining through Antelope Canyon. There’s usually a look of wonder in Insta-bloggers’ eyes as they peer up at the wavy red rock walls.

So how can you get here? Here’s everything you need to know to get your own moment of glory in the canyon.

The only way in is with a tour.

Antelope Canyon is a Navajo Tribal Park, so there’s no way onto the protected land without a tour group.

Tours vary by length, price and access.

The best options for taking photos might cost you upwards of $50, but you can get in with others for closer to $20.

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There’s the upper and lower canyon to choose from.

The Upper Canyon is more famous. The Lower Canyon is more of an adventure to reach.

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The Upper Canyon can get crowded.

It is Insta-famous after all…

The Lower Canyon takes a bit of a trek.

Get ready to climb ladders and through small passageways.

Light is best at midday.

Photos will be best when you catch beams of light shining straight down into the canyons.

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Photos can be a challenge.

The light is tricky — it goes from dark to bright really fast, so take a second to think about angles.

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It’s getting even more popular.

So you might want to book the prime midday tours in advance.

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