Your Fave Organic Mac And Cheese Is Taking On Climate Change


Starting this month, you can have your mac and cheese and help fight climate change at the same time. That’s pretty damn cool. Annie’s, a company known for its organic boxed mac and cheese, is going above and beyond what’s expected from an organic label. The eco-conscious brand is the first in the industry, according to Fast Company, to highlight regenerative farming practices with complete transparency on its boxes.

Annie’s will roll out boxes of this climate change-fighting mac and cheese as a limited spring offering. Each box will feature Nate Powell-Palm, the farmer who grew the wheat for the pasta, as well as the name of the farm in Bozeman, Montana it comes from and the specific ingredients that go into it.

So every consumer will know exactly where his or her mac and cheese comes from, which you don’t generally get with big name brands.

The new mac from Annie’s is a gateway product for a much larger vision on helping to fight climate change, which could eventually span across its whole line of products.

Through a series of steps, regenerative farming could help fight climate change. The ingredients are farmed with a more holistic approach that can promote soil health, increase biodiversity and pull carbon from the air. The crops are also rotated with golden peas, which are then used to make the flour for the pasta, which in turn boosts the protein content of your mac and cheese.

The bottom line: You can eat your mac and cheese and know that you’re being environmentally friendly at the same time. Be on the lookout throughout the month for boxes of Annie’s organic farm-sourced mac and cheese.

[h/t Fast Company]