This Easy Travel Hack Will Save You Money Every Time You Fly


You do not want to be the person paying $5 for a disposable bottle of water. You’re killing the earth and your wallet. Instead, bring an empty water bottle to the airport.

It doesn’t have to be a S’well bottle or anything fancy. You can even use an empty Smart Water bottle to save some pounds in your carry-on.

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If you’re worried about finding a place to fill it up, don’t be. Almost all U.S. airports have a plethora of water fountains, some even with spiffy gadgets made just for filling your bottle. (LAX and JFK both have public water fountains.)

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We’ve got you covered abroad too. Here are five international airports with water fountains and how to say “water fountain” in the local language:

1. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport – Madrid, Spain

“Bebedero” or “fuente de agua”

2. Frankfurt Airport – Frankfurt, Germany


3. Incheon International Airport – Seoul, South Korea

“분수” (bunsu)

4. Charles DeGaulle Airport – Paris, France

“Fontaine d’eau”

5. Changi Airport – Singapore, Singapore

“喷泉” (pēnquán) or நீர் நீரூற்று (nīr nīrūṟṟu)