8 Fire YouTube Channels That Will Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

Cooking With Dog

In a world where Netflix reigns supreme and cable isn’t a priority anymore, people still need to learn how to cook, right? Whether it’s a video on the quickest homemade mac and cheese or a lesson on Indian food from a charming Brooklyn-based brotherly duo, there’s a universe of culinary material right at your fingertips, and it’s free. Here are eight YouTube channels that will take your cooking to the next level.


Cooking with Dog

Francis, a poodle, and a woman known as “chef,” have entertained and taught over a million viewers through their YouTube show “Cooking with Dog” since it’s release in 2007. The chef would speak Japanese while Francis would narrate (in English). The loveable duo introduced Japanese cuisine to people all over the world and they had a huge following in Japan. While Francis passed away a few months shy of his 15th birthday (November of 2016), there are over 300 episodes for you to catch up on. In honor of Francis, you should incorporate a few of chef’s recipes into your dinner routine.



The Tastemade channel inspires everyone from home cooks to adventurous travelers to award-winning chefs. You’ve probably heard of the Tastemade hit show Tiny Kitchen, where they cook just about everything you could imagine, from tiny grilled cheese to tiny apple pie. The videos are all made in a dollhouse-sized kitchen that’s around 1/12 the normal size, using small portions of ingredients and tiny kitchen appliances. Here’s a video where tiny donuts are being made. Another popular show on the Tastemade channel is Frankie’s World, where the Emmy award-winning tastemaker Frank Celenza imparts culinary wisdom on the masses with his Italian-American heritage right at the center. Here’s a genius way to make homemade mac and cheese in under six minutes, risotto-style.



Founded in 2012, ChefSteps is a Seattle-based food and technology company that aims to help people “cook smarter.” With a team of James Beard award-winning chefs, filmmakers, designers, scientists, and engineers, ChefSteps demonstrates modern culinary concepts through intriguing visuals. The videos take a deep dive into each recipe and technique. Learn basic skills like how to sharpen your knife and butcher a piece of fish or more complex techniques like how to make a “killer gumbo” or a tender and flaky salmon filet, sous vide-style.



Sorted food features four Britsh guys who cook easy-to-follow recipes, recommended by their subscribers. These videos are funny and great for people who don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. Tune in twice a week for The FridgeCam Show where you’ll get insight into what’s hot in the culinary world. They also host live Q & A’s, cookalongs, how-to videos, and come up with plenty of other crafty content. Become a part of this cooking conversation and pick up some helpful skills along the way.


Brothers Green Eats

Josh and Mike Greenfield make up the Brothers Green duo. With the help of a friend who has a degree from NYU Film School, the Brooklyn-based duo took their culinary passions to the next level. They’ve been featured on the Rachel Ray Show, Food Networks “Chopped,” and they have an MTV show called Brothers Green: Eats! on top of their YouTube channel. The brothers cater towards the common cook with a goal in mind to connect with their ingredients, friends, and themselves, using food as the vehicle. Learn how to get creative with a tight budget, make the most of your microwave, and cook “Breakfast For Beginners.


Bon Appetit 

Cook like a pro with these videos from Bon Appetit’s test kitchen. The award-winning food lifestyle brand sets the bar pretty high when it comes to recipes. Learn how to sear mushrooms to golden perfection with thyme, butter, garlic, and a bed of herbed polenta. Watch kids try 100 years of sandwiches. Learn the century-old cooking technique of using an open flame. Watching the Bon Appetit channel is an all-star method for gaining confidence in the kitchen without spending a fortune on cooking classes.


Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale hosts an interactive cooking show, Laura in the Kitchen, with a focus on Italian-American cuisine. Vitale is a self-taught chef who moved to the United States from Naples, Italy, at the young age of twelve. The series’ viral success, with more than two million subscribers, led to a Cooking Channel show called Simply Laura and a cookbook. Learn how to make everything from cookies to pizza to pasta with helpful and thorough instructions. Vitale appeals to the everyday person and puts the focus on food that will make you feel good.


Simple Cooking Channel

Jason Pinder, a loveable Aussie, is a professional chef by day and a YouTube sensation by night. Jason caters towards people who actually want to learn how to cook but don’t have the time or budget for a complex dish. Each recipe from Simply Cooking Channel uses less than 10 ingredients. In addition to recipes, the show goes into detail about other food-related topics like how to prevent food from spoiling and all the basic ways to cook an egg. Maybe you want to make sushi popcorn or homemade butter in three minutes. Whatever you’re feeling, Jason’s your man.