Spending 72 Hours In This Swedish Cabin Will Melt All Of Your Stresses Away


Sick of feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated by your hectic job, crazed personal life and 24/7 connection to attention-demanding technology? Maybe it’s time to ditch it all for a long weekend in this gloriously simple cabin on a private island in Sweden.

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This sanctuary is built entirely of beautiful wood and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, making it so its inhabitants can fully experience Sweden’s “close to nature lifestyle.” It is the only manmade structure in sight, surrounded by forests and grazing land, and it’s probably the most Zen version of camping we’ve ever seen.

The 72-Hour Cabin was initially created for a social experiment in September 2017 when five people with innately stressful careers spent three isolated days on Henriksholm Island and used the cabin as their main shelter. They spent their days canoeing, kayaking, swimming and relaxing in the cabin perfectly surrounded by the natural elements. And by the end of their stay, the participants saw a 70 percent reduction in their stress levels.

We can’t say we’re that surprised. Just look at how peaceful this place is!

And now, you can be lucky enough to rent it for your own personal escape into the wonderful expanses of nature. The glass cabins are available to the public for a limited amount of time, so visit West Sweden’s tourism site and see if you can snag a reservation sometime in the spring of 2018. A three-night stay costs 6,695 SEK (about $800) for a solo traveler and 3,995 SEK (about $447) per person in a double accommodation. Those fees include a welcome package of basic necessities, lodging, three meals each day, and access to rowboats, a fishing rod and a wood-burning sauna.

“Me” time has never looked so serene.

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