The New 3-D Google Earth Is Totally Insane

If you thought Google Earth was cool before, the new update is going to rock your world (while showing you the world like never before). This new Google Earth not only shows you real-world locations in 3-D, but it gives you information cards on each place you search, offering a totally informative experience. It’s pretty damn cool.

The site got a complete facelift. Aside from its sleek new navigation bar, Google Earth now allows you to explore 3-D views of nearly any destination in the world, as well as learn about the locations you’re interested in visiting.

Google Earth

These new functions go beyond entertainment purposes. Google Earth is a real learning tool for those who who are planning trips or are serious about exploring uncharted territory.

You can access 3-D imagery of popular landmarks and buildings and even sample walking itineraries. There are also fun facts. Even with the upgrade, you can still access a street view and aerial view just as you could before.

Google Earth

Maybe the coolest part of the reimagined site is the Voyager Tab, which digs deeper into the culture and personal stories of the places you’re interested in learning about. Absorb the history of the Eiffel Tower and the cultural norms of Parisians, all while pouring over sample walking tours and discovering the more underrated, yet must-see, spots.

Google Earth

We’re pretty amazed by how smart and inclusive of a system Google Earth has become, and we may end up spending the rest of the day playing around on it.