6 Travel Resolutions For A Brand New Year Of Adventures In 2019

2019 travel resolutions

Unsplash/Slava Bowman

In the next year of travel, we’re doing things a little differently. Here are six travel resolutions we’re taking to heart in 2019. If you need ideas for your travel resolutions for the New Year, we’ve got you covered.

1. Think intentionally about your trips.

2019 travel resolutions

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In 2019, we’re not traveling just to be elsewhere or to get some elsewhere in our Instagram feed. We’re traveling to see something we’ve always dreamed of seeing, unlock a new aspect of ourselves or share a memory with someone special. Let’s be intentional and make those experiences something really worth treasuring.

2. Don’t be that terrible tourist.

2019 travel resolutions

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While we’re never the ones to skip the party, we’re also big advocates of respecting the place you’re in. That means not trashing your local bar, as well as keeping things classy around the world. We’re not saying you have to be dull — just don’t be an idiot and know your limits.

3. Get minimalist with your packing.

2019 travel resolutions

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With more and more airlines offering the basic economy (read: no carry-on bags) experience, it’s time to master the art of packing light. There’s also something really refreshing about being able to take all you need for a vacation in a small bag. It’s the perfect break from all the stuff we accumulate during our everyday lives.

4. Be a little greener.

2019 travel resolutions

Unsplash/Lee Hans

There are several easy steps you can take to make traveling a little bit greener this coming year. You can buy carbon offset credits to help even out the emissions from your next flight, you can take public transportation whenever possible and you can even volunteer with eco-friendly efforts around the world to help plant trees or clean up beaches.

5. Waste no one’s time — especially your own.

2019 travel resolutions

Unsplash/Atikh Bana

In 2019, it’s time to stop taking trips, participating in activities and spending money on things you don’t want to do just because you think you should do them. Spend your precious travel budget and vacation days on the exact things you want to do. (The only caveat here would be activities that would make people you love really happy if you came along for the ride.)

6. Go somewhere spontaneously.

2019 travel resolutions

Unsplash/Artem Bali

Flights have never been cheaper and technology has never made it easier to book last-minute trips. That means this year is the one to finally seize the day and follow through on that whim to go on your dream destination vacation without overthinking all of the little details. Go, 2019, go!


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