6 Ways to Treat Yo’self

Today’s the perfect day to pamper yourself and indulge a little. No matter what’s going on in your crazy, busy schedule — remember to always make time for yourself.

It’s Spa Time

Moisturizing Gel Booties & Gloves Set: If you can’t seem to apply enough lotion, a moisturizing booties and gloves set is just what you need. Your friends will be complaining about dry, cracked skin while you’re feeling fabulously moisturized.

Bath Bombs 12-Piece Gift Set: Everyone loves a good bath bomb, and if you’ve got a tub, you deserve to have a few lush bath bombs on hand. Settle in for a revitalizing bubble bath and say “Ahhh…”

The Ultimate Indulgence

Flair Chocolate Bar Maker: We’d be lying if we said we didn’t immediately bookmark this chocolate bar maker. Chocolate lovers, beware: You might not be able to stop yourself from making your own personalized creations 24/7.

CraveBox Variety Snack And Sweets Bundle: Whether you’re sending a care package to a loved one or you just wanna love yourself a little harder, the ultimate snack box is a good move. You’ll get varieties of chips, candy, cookies and more with CraveBox.

Say Ohm

Smart Self-Guided Exercise Mat: Be your own trainer with this smart self-guided mat complete with 14 exercises to try. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on the road — you’ll never miss the chance to get your sweat on.

Onzie Women’s Half Moon High-Rise Leggings: Raise your hand if you need another cute pair of leggings! Even better, these high-waisted pants come in tons of cute styles.

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