Newsletter 7/9/18: 🙌The Trick To A Low Electric Bill🙌

the trick to a low electric bill


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Electric Feel

Staying cool in the middle of the summer is important, but no one likes paying hundreds of dollars to cover that electric bill. Keep your statements low by making sure your A/C fan is set to “auto” and keeping your thermostat at 78 — every degree cooler could increase electric usage by up to five percent. []

Life Hack Of The Day: Camera Edition

Use glossy tape over your smartphone camera to improve image quality.

Power Up

Go (Coco)Nuts

Coconuts are known for their healthy fats (when consumed in moderation, of course). So kick your wellness up a notch with oil for cooking, a protein blend for exercising benefits and unsweetened chips for snacking. You’ll get all the goodness coconuts offer to your daily diet without going overboard. [Swirled]

Are You Cereal?

Sad news, y’all. Some of our favorite “healthy” cereals aren’t so healthy after all. Many of them not only lack important protein and fiber, but they have sky-high sugar content. Raisin Bran, Honey Nut Chex and Special K Red Berries make the list of cereals that aren’t as good for you as you thought. [Swirled]

Squats On The Sea

Forget that booze cruise you signed up for (well ok, put it aside) and try out a “floating gym.” Travel company Blue World Voyages is set to launch its first round of cruises completely dedicated to fitness. Yoga overlooking the Atlantic? Yes please! [Well+Good]

Get It Done

Where’s The Remote?

When you weigh the effects on your health, working remotely appears to be the better option than putting in time at the office. Commuting, social interaction, access to healthy food, work-life balance and schedule flexibility are key favors in the assessment. However, the bottom line: it’s important to find the mode of work that makes you the most effective. [Swirled]

Spam Call Alert

Getting calls from shady numbers is the worst. How do you stop them? Download spam-blocking apps like Hiya. Hyia is a free solution for avoiding scammers. It offers an option to block numbers entirely and flag neighbor “spoofs” — those calls coming in with your area code. [Wall Street Journal]

Savor Each Bite

Wine Not Have Beer?

Can’t decide between a glass of vino or a cold one? Thankfully, hybrids exist! The drink combines grapes with the raw grain used for beer, creating a wine smell with a beer-like texture. Wanna try it? Check out Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch. [Swirled]

That’s A Snack

You don’t have to meal prep to stay healthy when you snack. Beyond the obvious options like fruit, go for Larabars, Snapea Crisps or Greek yogurt. Keep it fresh, keep it simple and snack on. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Make tomorrow’s lunch amazing by whipping up our zesty chicken salad recipe. Combine cooked chicken and spinach, cherry tomatoes, onion and avocado and drizzle over a super easy homemade honey lime dressing. Yassss! [Swirled]

Pack Your Bags

Water You Waiting For?

It’s hot out there, which means you need a water-tastic vacay STAT. Head to India’s Aadi Perukku, a festival celebrating the aquatic wonders of the world. It’s set for August 8 this year, so take the plunge and go! [Swirled]

Holy Ship

If you’re ever in Sydney, you gotta check out the floating forest built from a shipwreck in World War II. For the past 30 years, all kinds of lush flora have taken over the ship, making it a must-see for nature lovers. [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day

It’s time to jump on that flight to Amsterdam! Roundtrip flights from U.S. cities like New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles to the capital of the Netherlands are as low as $411. The sweet spot for travel is between September and December of this year. [The Points Guy]

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